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  1. Yup it sure is!
  2. Like Latin...lol
  3. And the question is?
    .. Programming lanquage designed for Dos. Still use it for some easy tasks like searching hundred of files for events such as On/Off time.
    .. Yes it will work under windows 7 32 Bit, but for for 64 bit need somethink like DosBox for it to work.
  4. I'd recommend just running a virtual machine (or DOSBox) with MS-DOS 6.22 installed if you really want to use QBASIC today.
    Alternatively just upgrade to Visual Basic 2010 Express Edition, or Visual Basic 2012 Express Edition.

    The .NET Framework leaves QBASIC in the dust, plus the .NET versions of VB are 'very nearly complete' Object-oriented Programming languages, heck it even has it's own assembly that C# programmers can reference to do stuff 'that is easier in VB .NET.'

    Unless you want to run/compile old-school stuff like GORILLA(S), and SNAKE (if that was it's name, maybe it was NUMBERS.BAS).

    If you 'really' need assistance, post back and I might wrap Free-DOS with a QBASIC distro and ZIP'n'email it over.
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