Keyboard and Mouse 'lock up'

I've been having an issue for a long time, and upon playing far cry 3 for a good hour, i realized how painful it was getting.
Essentially, every now and then, my mouse and keyboard freeze up, my mouse stays stationary, and my keyboard continues to hold down the button i was pressing.
For instance, playing far cry 3, the camera would stay facing one direction, and my character would continue to move forward.
im not sure if its a hardware or software issue but anyway, my setup is as follows:

Mouse: Razer Deathadder
Keyboard: Razer Blackwidow Ultimate Edition

All Drivers are up to date :P

Thanks in advance,
any tips or advice is greatly appreciated :)

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  1. are you using your usb bus for data transfer at all? high usage such as transferring data to external hard drives could in theory cause issues but i've never had any myself.

    are you sure it is not your whole pc locking up for a second or two? the first thing i would try is to use another mouse and keyboard and see if the issue remains.

    does this happen in only that one game?

    the more variables that can be eliminated, the easier it is to figure out what the issue at hand is.
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