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I'm looking for a good HDMI cable for my PC costing around Rs. 500/-. I'm using BenQ GW2250H as my monitor. Also it would be preferable if the cable was a little flexible and not have a very large connector as I'm planning to use a wall-mount.
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  1. I can't find anything on a BenQ GW2250H, but there are quite a few listing for the BenQ GW2250 and none of them have an HDMI connection, and the connections are facing up and down anyways, so wall mounting wouldn't require a short connector.

    Are you sure you have the right monitor listed?

    EDIT: I found an BenQ GW2250HM model which does, and if yours goes down like the other, just get what ever inexpensive HDMI cable you can find.
  2. I would second the above poster. Just find whatever cheap one you can. Under the assumption you're in India, maybe they have a "Buck or Two" or some similar store? The ones here sell them for $2.00.

    If not, ebay. ebay is the perfect, dirt cheap way to get unimportant cables, splitters and random electronic bits.

    Make sure to confirm shipping circumstances if you go the e-bay route.
    HDMI Cable, E-Bay India
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    Hope that helps. Ebay is the best place I know of to get that sort of stuff.
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