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A local company here sells computers and on the website it is listing their fastest computer. The add says that if you can make a faster computer, then the owner will pay you $500. Here is the computer:

CasEdge Mid-Tower Case / 300 Watt ATX Power Supply
· ASUS P4T Motherboard AGP4X / 400 MHz FSB
· 1.7 GHzIntel Pentium 4 Processor
· 256 MB RDRAM (PC800) 2GB Max
· 2x20 GB IBM 7200 RPM Ultra ATA/100 Hard Drive
· Promise Fastrak 100 RAID Controller
· Toshiba 16X/48X DVD/CD-ROM Drive w/ WinDVD Software
· 64MB DDR GeForce3 Ultra AGP4X Video Card
· Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live! Value Sound Card
· 56K USRobotics v.90 Data/Fax Modem
· 19" FD Trinitron G910 ADI Digital PnP Monitor
· Cyber Acoustics Flat Panel Stereo Speakers and Subwoofer
· Microsoft Internet Keyboard / Microsoft Intellipoint Mouse
· Windows 98se with License & CD

and here is the promise:

"This is the system that I personally use. If you come to my house you will
always find this system right on my desk and always in use. You have seen
my commercials so you already know I'm a little bit crazy and this system is
designed just for me. This system is only intended for serious computer
enthusiasts and rich people that don't really care about the price tag they
just want the fastest. Notice that it has 2 hard drives in a raid 0
stripped configuration. Is that ridiculous or what? Hey, it's the fastest
you can get though, even faster than SCSI 160 Hard drives. Just the video
cards I use in my system almost always cost over $400 alone. Not to mention
I always over clock everything as fast as it will go and still run stably.
This system is almost guaranteed to depreciate hundreds of dollars a month
and you will find something new in it almost every week. I don't intend to
sell many of these but for wealthy computer enthusiasts this is the ticket.
Dan the laptop man has one on his desk at home so we can always laugh when
our competitors try to say they sell fast computers. This is the fastest
windows based computer system on the planet (other than the ones with AC
units big enough to cool a K-Mart that only run for 10 seconds) If AMD made
the fastest system then this system would have an AMD in it but Intel is
still and has always been the speed king (I have my own testing lab so I
don't have to take other peoples word for it because I know the truth) so
Intel it is. This system is so fast that I will gladly pay anyone $500 that
can prove how to make it faster (without that K-Mart air conditioning unit)
I openly challenge anyone, any company, any competitor to try and take my
$500 and show me how to make it faster. Many have tried; all have failed,
but I'm always up for more speed no matter what the cost. I get those AMD
brainwashed people e-mailing me all the time but my system always wins hehe.
(You might want to note that my testing lab has 85 full time computer
enthusiasts who love nothing more than to play "lets see how fast we can
make it") This is what they have come up with this week and yes; it does
actually run, and is backed by our warrantee even if you over-clock it."

anyone have any ideas to make this faster?

(information taken from

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  1. That is easy challenge.

    Can you say "boot win2k in under 10 seconds?" sure you can.
  2. First of all, faster by what measure? If I can pick the benchmark, it's pretty easy.

    Anyway, it's still easy. Just replace that Promise software based RAID controller with a hardware based 3ware. Promise controllers suck. Or put in a SCSI RAID.

    Of course, then he'll just use a benchmark that doesn't give a &*%# about disk speed.

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  3. LOL, if he got rid of that SB Live! Value, it would help the performance. Also, he needs to check out the Tbird 1.4 available June 7.


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  4. "If AMD made
    the fastest system then this system would have an AMD in it but Intel is
    still and has always been the speed king"



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  5. I believe he is talking about mhz fast, not real world performance
  6. maybe so, but AMD had the first 1Ghz!


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  7. Easy answer...

    Get a Scsi 160 controller card

    and get 3, 9.1gb 10,000rpm Scsi3 hard disks. Trust me it works fast.

    Nice Intel and AMD users get a Cookie.... :smile: Yummy :smile:
  8. all that.. with a lousy 56k modem????
    can you say DSL? cable perhaps?

    a super computer where the downloads max out at 5k/sec wow!

    I would show you some apathy, but i just cant be bothered.
  9. now you're talking!!

    I wonder why this guy doesn't have that
    in this system?? Or SCSI RAID 0 for that

    Intel Components, AMD Components... all made in Taiwan!
  10. "2x20 GB IBM 7200 RPM Ultra ATA/100 Hard Drive
    Promise Fastrak 100 RAID Controller"

    He made a mistake there. He should have gotten a 4 channel SCSI Ultra160 hardware RAID controller. Plug in enough drives and you get the equivolent of SCSI Ultra 640 (does not actually exist yet) and you actually use all the bandwidth for one logical drive. A RAID 0 or RAID 5 configuration would likely be fastest (depending on if you wanted any redundancy; with multiple drives you're pretty much guaranteed 1 will eventually fail and you don't want to lose your data.)

    Besides that, his system looks fine. Nothing short of a purchase of something outrageous like a solid state drive, etc, will currently beat it.


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  11. That would be easy. Get the exact same thing minus the hard drives (and a vapochill case). Overclock the 1.7GHz P4 as far as you can, and get 2x Cheetah 15x SCSI hard drives in RAID 0.

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  12. This guys is obvoiusly a normal computer retailer, they all know next to nothing. "This RAID0 setup is even faster than SCSI 160". Not really... HIS THINKING: "Gee, two ATA100 drives, so that must be 200MB/second, and Ultra160 is only 160MB/second!"

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  13. Correct me if I'm wrong, that would make it 100 MB per channel, while the SCSI is 160MB per channel right?
    You don't add the performance together do you?


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  14. That's my whole point.

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  15. Also, let's keep in mind that the aforementioned 100MB/second transfer speed for the UDMA 100 controller is only burst transfer not constant.

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  16. the best ATA HD can transfer (constantly) is about 37mb/s right?

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  17. People have been posting stats in the 40's, but that's about it.

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  18. I though there was a limitation around 33MB/disk, but maybe we are past that now? Everything above (UATA100) was for multiple devices and cache.

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  19. He probably doesn't even realize that SCSI has the advantage of being a multi-threaded bus. That's a serious advantage when you're building RAID arrays.


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  20. Are all the systems compatible with Win98 though?

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  21. Well, we can go serious SMB, but he'll have to ditch Win98. A 4 or 8 way Xeon would be pretty swift and give on board SCSI, but I'm not sure about AGP.

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