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So with Christmas coming up, I think I am gonna get a headset, keyboard and mouse. I built my own pc about a year ago and it's a monster and I got bose surround sound with a Dell U2412M IPS monitor but I'm still using my keyboard from about 10 years ago and a crap wired mouse. Also bought a crap 15$ headset 3-6 months back and it's just awful. So I need some suggestions here.

I have been looking at headsets for a bit but I need someone with experience to help me out. I just want something with excellent sound and excellent speech quality. I don't really care about all the bells and whistles, they are nice, but I just need excellent sound quality. I would greatly prefer a wireless headset but not if it's gonna give me white noise from the radio waves. They seem pretty retardedly expensive too, like 300 dollars for a high end one, that just seems ridiculous to me. I was hoping to get a very good quality one for 100-150$.

I was thinking about getting the R.A.T. 7 Gaming mouse.
It just looks like a superior mouse with the "snipe" button, excellent customizability including weight, size, etc. Would this be a good mouse to get? Or the r.a.t. 9 one (same but wireless). I'd rather have wireless but not if it will sacrifice performance. Will wired be higher performance than wireless?

As for keyboards, I don't know. I guess mine is fine but what would you suggest? I hear mechanical is nice, is it worth it?

I would LOVE to find a christmas deal with all three of these items, say a nice headset, keyboard and mouse for 300$ or so but I havne't seen anything like that on Newegg yet. If you got something please share it. Thanks.
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  2. Cool, thanks for the links and suggestions. My current mic is frustrating and I was kinda hoping to get a wireless headset though, since I don't want the cord tugging on me when I get up or what have you. You got a mic suggestion of similar quality that is wireless? Thanks.
  3. In my opinion you can never get the same quality wireless as apposed to wired. wired quality is determined by components used to make the equipment. With wireless you have to add the environmental factor of signal traveling through open space. It would be like buying a corvette with a 4 cylinder engine :)

    Again just my opinion.

    However if i had to pick 1 lol i would sugjest Logitech G930 USB Connector Circumaural Wireless Gaming Headset. Should be decent for more then just gameing as well. There reviews are realy good on newegg.
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