1.333 GHz Athlon Temp.

I have a AMD Athlon 1.333 GHz and it is currently running at a temp. of 67 degrees. Is this dangerous and if it is what heatsink\fan should I get.
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  1. sheesh, hells yes that is high. Looks like another improper heat sink install. What kinda HSF you have? I have an overclocked 1.2 ghz @ 1.33 running at 40 idle / 48 full load. I suggest the SwiftTech MC370. Works great for me, I bought it from <A HREF="http://www.sidewindercomputers.com/swifmc3700ac.html" target="_new"> Sidewinder Computers</A>. Its a great HSF IMHO. Hope this helps.

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  2. Check to see if the tape that covers thermal pad underneath your HSF has been removed (I once forgot to do that and my TBird 700 went up to almost 70C).

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  3. When I was useing the HS/Fan that came with my 1.33 I was getting no higher than 59C so 67 is kinda high. AMD says 67 is not too high though so I guess its up to you as to how long you want the CPU to last. I bet it makes it to over 3 years and then croaks. I say that because they wouldnt warranty something for 3 years and then say "go ahead and run it at 75C it wont hurt it". Anyway I got a Alpha PAL6035 and I get about 55C now so they just run hot.

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  4. Make sure you have adequate airflow through the case. You need an input fan at the front of the case, and an exhaust fan (in addition to the fan in the supply) in the vicinity of the processor. You cannot cool the CPU with hot air!

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  5. what are you using to get your temp readings?

    is this reality... i thought it would more realistic.
  6. I am running an Athlon 1.33 OEM. I added a CoolerMaster HSF and actually went with the one designed for the Pentium 4 instead of the Athlon as the P4 version's Heat Sink is larger and Tom's review seemed to speak highly of the Intel's default P4 fan highly. Contact with the raised chip appears good and tight.

    It is installed correctly with thermal grease. Running with the case open it comes in at 57 c degrees idle.

    Case closed the temp spikes to 65 c *ahem* Methinks it's time to either check my install or get SEVERAL case fans.

    Or a new HSF....

    As I am using the AMT1000 case with all these cool places for fans (an extra two side vents on the case mounting) I guess I do have the room.

    Point is: your experience is not that different from mine. It may simply be we both have improper installations though... :-)
  7. I have an tbird1.33@1.55 and i have a thermoengine pro(delta fan) and my idle temp is 91 degrees, and it spikes to 113 under full load. the ambient is usually between 78-80 and i have 1 huge case fan and 3 smaller ones(and a sunon) blowing around inside.

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  8. I have a 1.2@1.4ghz T-Bird, AXIA, 1.78 volts, Alpha 6035, Artic Silver II, system temperture 29c, cpu temperture 43C running right now. All of you guys seems to be running hot. I do have my case open at the moment.

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  9. hey... u got a fop32.
    i just got one for my 1200C and its also running a tad hot at 65 C.
    do u know where i can get documentation on how to safely remove the fop32 and then reseat it?

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