is this result normal for 3dmark 2001

i ran 3dmark 2001 and got these results.
1775 with pc-cilin and seti running
1785 without pc-cilin and seti set to screensaver mode
my system is
AMD T-bird 850 (not overclocked)
A7V bios ver 1007
256 MB pc-133 ram
30GB Maxtor 5400 rpm hdd
creative sb live!value
creative geforce2 mx
aztech int modem

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  1. I get aroung 2500 in 3dMark 2001 with the following setup:
    P-III 750 MHz
    forgot what motherboard I have and too lazy to check... ;) I know it only has a 100 MHz front side bus.
    256 MB pc-100 ram
    20GB Western Digital 5400 rpm hdd
    SB live! value
    Elsa Geforce 2 GTS 32 MB DDR
    3com 3C905B-TX NIC (For DSL ;) )
    98lite micro setup...

    Look like your video card is the limiting factor here. May want to check that you have the latest drivers for your motherboard too. That may help your performance. And also use the 12.xx drivers from nvidia. They alone gave me a 200 point boost in the benchmark.

    Also, using 98lite increased the benchmark by another 100 points, but I'm dual booting win 98 and win 2k, so I don't care about having Internet Explorer in 98 ;)

  2. You should get over 2000 if you're running win98/me. Check that you don't have many programs running in the background (press ctrl-alt-dlt if you're running win98/me). Also your graphic card sdram should be at least 6 nanosec, this will let you clock the graphic memory at 166MHz. Use Powerstrip program or the like of it to check the default setting of your graphic card memory clock. Also you can use any of the nvidia chip utility programs to fine tune your card. Try this link

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  3. if your running the default benchmark, then I wouldnt have said the results were too far out- depending on your vid card as mentioed, I have a gforce 2 mx (32 meg - sdram) and a 1 gig athlon @ about 1250, 256 meg of 133 ram, I only get about 2200 or so.

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  4. make sure you have the via 4 in 1 drivers installed.
    after the test view the detailed results and make sure the agp apature size is 64mb. i had a problem with radeons getting low scores because of that.
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