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I'm sorry for posting this in this forum, but I think that the software forum for Win2K isn't read too often...

Alright...I was previously running Windows 98SE. I have my HD split up in three partitions: 1 primary for Win98SE, 1 logical for data and mp3s, and another logical for backups, Windows Swap File, and Win98 setup files. I'm using FAT32. Now, I'm dual-booting between Win2K and Win98. Win2K is on another primary (after some rearranging with Partition Magic). I want to switch to HTFS 5 so it's more efficient. But, will I be able to read my other two partitions of data, mp3s and backups, that are using the FAT32 file system?
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  1. Yes, from NT you can read the fat32's but from 98 you wont see NTFS.

    Blah, Blah Blahh, Blahh, blahh blah blahh, blah blah.
  2. Thanks for that prompt reply, man! I appreciate it! =)
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