Refund for a Lenovo IdeaPad y560?

I've had a Lenovo IdeaPad laptop since the end of summer, and so far I absolutely love it...when it works. To put it concisely, it blue screens constantly, never wakes up from sleep mode (I have to manually shut down and restart it), and I feel as though the build quality isn't exactly up to par (the screen is fairly wobbly, not the biggest deal, but irritating at times). I've tried to deal with their customer care, and they are pretty much worthless. When I called, I first got their software division. After explaining my problem, I was told it was a hardware issue and was transfered over. After reexplaining my situation, they disagreed and transfered me back over to software. Eventually they said they'd just send me a box to ship it to them for a repair, 3 months later and still nothing. To put it simply, I'm really fed up with them. I'm a student who works daily, so I don't exactly have a lot of time on my hands, but in a last ditch attempt to get it fixed I searched their forums. So far, I updated BIOS and got a BSoD, then updated my wifi drivers. It hasn't crashed yet, but then again I've only used it for 20 minutes afterwards. Now I'm getting graphics card failures and my mouse pointer randomly gets huge. Although their return policy is technically supposed to be 21 days, do you guys think that I have a chance at getting a refund based on the above information and my attempts? I've seen countless threads about issues with the y560 model, and I've tried nearly everything. Does anybody have any experience with Lenovo's customer support (or any other pc maker for that matter)? Like, what buttons to push, things to say, etc?
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  2. Hello smark22,

    I'm encountering the same problem and recently in contact with customer relation. It is a manufacturer problem and if you search on Google LENOVO Y560 display drive problems you will find many more individuals experiencing what we are. It is hard earned money and time of people spend and the manufacturers of Lenovo should take responsibility for this.
  3. No unfortunately you will not get a refund. It has been too long since you initially purchased your Y560 so now you can only get it serviced while it is still under warranty.
  4. Did you try graphics driver update from lenovo as well as the generic laptop driver from amd?

    Also try to disable AMD powerplay. I suspect there is a driver issue with the gpu.
  5. ^^^

    Those drivers are not compatible with a laptop that has switchable graphics and Intel chipsets. That is stated in the Release Notes somewhere towards the bottom. You need to rely on the vendor (Lenovo) to provide updated graphic drivers.
  6. Oh yeah, there is switchable graphics on that lenovo. Sorry, forgot to check.

    But still, disable powerplay.
  7. I currently use the same laptop and have had nothing but issues since I bought it. The display drivers on the Lenovo website are not good for updating, they seem to be missing something that doesn't allow the switchable graphics.

    You should analyze the bsod dump and find the offending module. The laptop has serious heat issues. My keyboard kept mistyping when I pressed anything so I took it apart and stuck a band-aid between the keyboard connector and the system board, no issues with it since (Except the switchable graphics sometimes stops switching randomly)
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