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Hi all,

Let me say Im generalyl a big fan of bones files (although they have
killed many promising characters), they spice things up a bit, but I do
have on problem with them, they can tend to ruin a game, not by killing
your character (as if your good enough you should be able to survive
almost anything), but by making the game way too easy.
In my current game (playing a illiterate athiest valk, my first real
conduct), my character was doing alright, he made it down to hell with
an AC of -13 (which normally is very low, but is about as high as I can
get it with these conducts, and Ive already wished for a +2 SDSM and +2
speed boots), when I find a bones file in the first major deamon lair
of a character that had been stoned to death.
I smash open the statue, cancel the boH's, and check out the loot, and
there is Mojo, Magicbane, Grayswander, crysknife (all +7 Im guessing),
/owishing, 3 magic lamps, heap of !oFH and !oWater (presumably holy
water), heap of scrolls (useless to me), wands, rings, etc, and of
course full AK (and much more).
Having all the rings, scrolls, potions, etc is all fair enough, but I
think in bones all magic lamps should be made into normal oil lamps,
all wands of wishing be turned into other wands (/oNothing?), and all
artifact weapons be made into the normal weapon instead (ie sabre,
athame, etc).

I am choosing not to use anything from this bones pile, as, if I
asscended this 'conduct' game, it would make it rather meaningless, but
what irks me is that now the chances of me finding / wishing for
another artifact are very slim (already wished for PYEC (which is
amazing, best non-weapon item in the game I think!) and +2 Frostbane).
(although the mines town I found was also a bones pile (I think), and
there were no candles there at all, so if I dont find 7 candles /
another sorce of a wish I might have to go back and use the wand, but
that is a last resort.

What does everyone think?
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    "Marky Mark" <> wrote in news:1116816831.669204.274790

    > What does everyone think?

    Nobody forces you to use items from bones piles. Finding early bones can
    be a great boon to many players (especially ones finding bones left by
    unfortunate wizards).

    Finding lower lvl bones piles is generally only bad when you're playing
    some conduct game like you are. Otherwise they're nearly no help at all
    as you likely already have everything you need to win the game. Always
    remember that you have to usually get by whatever killed the player and
    that isn't always easy.

    I once had some bones left on Juiblex's swamp that were buried in the
    water. That was on my atheist valk asecnsion on NAO. Once I filled in
    the swamp I got some speed boots off that pile and used them that game.
    There was a BoH there that I was unable to really use as there were no
    cancellation wands generated. I did loot it on the way up with the amulet
    and it didn't really have lots of usefull stuff anyway (just lots of stuff
    making the bag too heavy to lift even with nothing else in inventory).

    Remember, the rng isn't always nice to you in the beginning and may not
    give you the stuff you want. However, it may have given it and then taken
    it back from others...

    Hmm...I think too much.

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    If you want a bonesless game, you can always back up all your bones and
    play. But yes, maybe we could use some changes.

    Right now there is a flat 1/3 chance of loading bones whenever you
    encounter them, and then they are usually 'avenged' because the bones
    are not always saved back.

    But yes, maybe unartifacting artifacts would be a good idea, as well as
    /oWishing becoming /oNothing and magic lamps becoming oil lamps.

    Actually there is already a /oNothing in the game: when you wish for a
    wand of wishing you get one of these instead. (In other words: nice
    try.) buster.Well, you *could* get a wand of wishing, but it'll be
    empty and so vg'yy or dhvgr uneq gb trg n jvfu bhg bs vg.

    That's right: gurer vf n bar bhg bs bar uhaqerq gjragl bar punapr bs
    trggvat n jvfu sebz na rzcgl jnaq.
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