Office Standard 7 Military Appreciation Issue problems

I just tried to install my Office Standard 2007 on my new computer with Windows 7 and it won't accept my Product Key, how do I fix this problem. I bought Office Standard from the base, it is a Military Appreciation version and I can't get it to take the Product Key on the box of my software, why not????
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  1. Have you already finished your Windows 7 product activation? If not, try that first.

    Here is a MS video about activation

    (It may have already been done by the company that built your computer, but if it is not yet done that might be the issue with the Office install).

    My Office 2007 Standard Military Appreciation edition installed on my Windows 7 upgraded PC without a problem. Took me 3 tries to get that 25 digit key right though.
  2. I just installed Office 2007 Standard (Military Appreciation Edition) on a Windows 7 computer last week. Had no problem at all. You might try tech support.
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