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K6-3+ 450 and GA586SG

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June 4, 2001 12:52:20 PM

I am planning to upgrade to a K6-3+ 450 on a gigabyte GA586SG motherboard. It presently has a Pentium 166 mmx and version 1.15 of the bios. Has anyone done this before on the GA586SG and do you have any advise?


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June 5, 2001 2:44:56 AM

Ask over at amdzone forumns they have a special section devoted to the k6 series of processors and some one will sure to help you. You may have a problem with the + series of chips it all depends, however a normal k63 would work. What voltage settings are available to you? The highest you will be able to run the chip at 66 fsb is 400. Overclocking it to 75mhz will give you 450 mhz. This would be by setting your multiplier to 2x which all k6 series chips interprits as 6x.

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June 5, 2001 3:51:46 AM

The voltage settings available on this motherboard are from 2.0 to 3.5 in 0.1 step increments. So I should be able to run it at 75x6 at the 2.0 volt setting. The mobo supports 60, 66, 75 and 83MHz.
June 5, 2001 5:45:03 AM

the fastest my brother's mobo would officially support was 250.
K6 2 450 worked in there quite nicely for a long time too...
it no longer showed a clock speed after the POST, it just showed a spade... lol
but it worked fine.

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June 5, 2001 5:55:37 AM

You might be right, I never actually tried sticking a 450 in a motherboard that "unofficially officially" supports only a 300mhz K6-2 as the highest it will go.

The motherboard in question uses the Intel TX chipset which officially only went to 233mhz. The most recent BIOS update on GB's website supports 300mhz using a "trick" setting the jumpers a certain way to get there.

I believe that the system will not work properly even if it does POST.

Check out my rig:
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June 5, 2001 6:13:24 AM

can't speak for the tx chipset or that board in particular, but mine didn't have any trouble...
except for the fact I had to use wcpuid or winclock or something similar to find the actual speed.

Independant thought is good.
It won't hurt for long.
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June 5, 2001 7:52:54 AM

You are completely wrong. Every standard Pentium motherboard made that supports 2x multiplier will work with the K6 series at 400. The only ones that will not are specialty boards from Dell and maybe Compaq. Some boards do not allow split voltages, which means that they require a voltage step-down converter. But I have run almost every type of standard dual voltage motherboard made with the K6-2 at 400 or 450 (depending on the limit of bus speed) using the 2x=6x trick. Even at 2.8v the 2.2v K6-2 works fine, if you properly cool it. But he has the voltage he needs, so I can say with confidence that it WILL WORK!

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June 5, 2001 7:54:47 AM

I advise you to stick with your plan, it's a good one. I am a system refurbisher with a lot of experience in this area.

Cast not thine pearls before the swine