CPU Upgrade Plan - Will it Work?

I've got a question for all you smart guys(and gals) out there..

Can I expect to be able to upgrade my ABIT BH6 slot-1 CPU from an overclocked Celeron 300A to a faster PIII CPU (ABIT says up to 750Mhz PIII is supported) without any OS problems? In other words, can I just install the new CPU and reboot, and my current WIN98SE OS will auto sense the change and adjust the OS configuration on the fly?

I have too much critical software & data on this machine to risk doing this CPU upgrade unless I'm pretty sure it will work. If I will likely have to reinstall WIN98SE and all apps, then I won't do this upgrade.

I'd like to know the probability of this working as planned before I try it.
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  1. I've done similar things other times and I've never had a problem....

    I supose it will be the same for you... but you have to be upgraded to the latest BIOS BEFORE changing to your new processor... remember: BEFORE!!!

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