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I am wanting a monitor 2ms and lower, and I would love to get an IPS monitor, I have heard nothing but good things about them.

Most of the IPS monitors in my price range 300-450$ have higher MS speeds, (5ms-7ms). Is this a problem, or should I just get a normal LED monitor... The games I play are Gw2 and WoW. No FPS'ers.

I like this for non IPS:

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  1. You'll get a lot more from an IPS-panel TFT. Better colour accuracy, true 24-bit colour (TN-panel TFTs are actually 6 bits per colour and use dithering/FRC to 'simulate' the other two colour bits), hugely reduced colour shift and much deeper blacks. A 2ms response time on the other hand won't make a bit of difference. 5ms response is 1/200th of a second. Fast enough :-) Much more to be gained from superior image quality. Personally, I wouldn't touch a TN-panel TFT any more.
  2. Ok awesome,

    What is your opinion on 120hz ? If I am only playing MMO's...
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