Could someone help me please?

Hello everyone,
I am having huge problems with choosing a proper monitor for my rig I can't afford getting a crappy monitor that doesn't show the ability of my hardware

I don't know if I should choose this monitor ASUS VS Series VS247H-P I heard many positive reviews about it, but I am worried about ghosting,input lag, screen tearing,etc. to all those vs247h-p owners could you please tell me your experience with this monitor. Any of your recommendations would be absolutely appreciated. I am basically a hardcore gamer I run my games @ 1080p with a gtx 680 I also play a lot of fps games.

Need quick feedback, and thanks in advance :bounce:
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  2. I recently made a monitor change myself. I would go for a IPS panel if I were you. There is a pretty noticeable difference and the ASUS option isn't much more expensive then the one you have listed. The ASUS PB238Q The response time is a little higher but it won't affect you a ton. IPS monitors are known more for the rich color and there amazing viewing angles. Also this monitor as well as a few others come with ARR from ASUS which means when something goes wrong and you ship it back they pay for it and! as you send it out they send you a new one pretty sweet deal. You also get a really great stand for the monitor that can rotate the screen can rotate and you also get a height adjust which is nice because monitors aren't always at the height you'd like. I'll provide some references to the 27 inch model the major difference is the 1440p the color contrast ratio and response time are near identical. review
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