buy oc'd athlon???

Does anyone have any experience purchasing from this company?
I'm not so sure how safe it is (even though they have safeshopper in their url :) ).
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  1. You shouldn't have any problems ordering from them.

    <font color=blue>"640 Kilobytes of computer memory ought to be enough for anybody." - Bill Gates, 1981</font color=blue>
  2. That have nothing to do with the subject.

    640 Kilobytes of computer memory ought to be enough for anybody." - Bill Gates, 1981

    I love this.640 kb damm that really small.
  3. Oh yeah why doesn't it have anything to do with the subject? The guy wanted to know if the seller was any good, and shiznit said the seller was OK.

    BTW Damn is spelled D, A, M, N!


    It's raining outside, and my lawn has grown a foot overnight!
  4. OCZ.SAFESHOPPER.COM aka Overclockerz Store.

    Before you decide you might want check all the negative messages at the forums and look up the Overclockz Store at You'll find a very bad rating.

    As for me, I have purchased from OCZ and continue to purchase from them because what I have received has worked, and worked well. However, there are some more things you may wish to consider. Read on.

    Back in November, my first purchase consisted of a Duron 600 guaranteed to overclock to 1000 mhz (with proper cooling), an Abit KT7 motherboard, and a Monster II HSF (total cost $218). I also purchased 128MB of PC-133 memory ($75, I think) which was claimed to be labeled as CAS 2/3/2 or 3/2/2 or 2/2/3 (I can't remember which it was and I don't know exactly what the numbers mean anyway).

    Firstly, I want to say that everything works as claimed. In fact, the Duron overclocks to 1007 mhz. The memory runs at 141 mhz, CAS2 and Turbo settings on my KT7 (which doesn't have discrete settings for CAS x/x/x). The memory runs that fast provided I leave the case open. If I close the case I have to change one setting from "Turbo" down to "Fast". It ran for 6 months that way. I recently reduced to 950mhz because of warmer room temperatures (no A/C).

    Needless to say I am happy with that purchase, except, total shipping originally was something like $24 which I thought was high but the two items were shipped together and I was only charged $16.47 (acceptable).

    My next purchase was minor. I bought some RAM heatsinks, 1.5 grams of silver thermal paste (not Artic Silver), and a copper cold plate. Total purchase was $17.49. Shipping was (clears throat) $11.30!!! (I thought it was like $5. Had I remembered this I might not have made the purchase below).

    My last purchase was 256MB of SDRAM, labeled "OCZ Performance Series 'Enhanced' 150 256". This memory is claimed/guaranteed to run at 150mhz CAS 2/2/2. For the $54.99 (special price for former customers) I could not turn it down despite having recently read the negative information I mentioned above. Shiping was $10.23. Note that shiping for my first purchase was roughly 5.6% of purchase. For my second purchase it was a staggering 64.6% #&^$!!!! My last purchase, 18.6%. If I combine all the shipping costs together with all the purchases I'm looking at about 10.5% in shipping. Yikes!

    Still, everything worked as claimed (for me).

    I'd like to mention something about the memory I purchased. Works just as claimed. (Well I can't confirm the "PC-150" memory because I still use the KT7 which won't overclock beyond 106 mhz FSB which means the memory is running at 141mhz). However, I notice some strange things about the memory. Using a program called CTSPD I get strange results. CTSPD reads the SPD eprom which is on each memory module. This eprom is supposed to contain the factory speed parameters of the memory. Both modules of my OCZ memory contain information inconsistant with the claimed specs. In both cases CTSPD reports that the memory can run CAS 2/2/2 at 100mhz and CAS 3/3/3 at 133mhz which is incorrect for both modules. This means that the memory auto-detection feature on some motherboards won't configure the memory settings correctly. I already stated that the memory appears to work as claimed but the <b>do require</b> manual memory settings.

    I noticed something else odd. The latter memory, the 150mhz one, has chips with a "-78" earmark which seem to indicate the chips are rated for a 7.8 nanosecond refresh rate, or at speed of 128mhz (never heard of this speed before). This speed is well below the 150mhz claim. My other memory has markings of "-75", which is 7.5ns or 133mhz which makes sense since it is PC-133 memory.

    The company has replied to one of my two emails concerning my first purchase. (They recommended that I remove the thermal tape from my heatsink and use thermal compound, instead. This lowered my CPU temperature and allowed my Duron to reach the claimed level of overclock). My second email went unanswered. (In case you are interested, I just wanted to know if I could obtain a Delta fan to replace my Comair fan on my Monster II heatsink).

    Two of my orders were held 4 days before shipping. The last one was only held 2 days. In all cases it was 2-day delivery. These are slow considering the high shipping charges.

    This is everything I know about OCZ.SAFESHOPPER.COM.

    Overall, I'm satified. You'll have to make your own judgement.
  5. I agree.

    And No, I don't work for OCZ.

    <font color=blue>"640 Kilobytes of computer memory ought to be enough for anybody." - Bill Gates, 1981</font color=blue>
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