Anandtech makes a mistake on Dual P3's

There was much debate over a topic posted in regards to a Photoshop benchmark across Intel and Amd platforms. This originated from an article at Anandtech:

They claimed the "Polar coordinates" filter didn't work on the dual P3 933Mhz setup. I have a dual P3 733Mhz setup and after seeing their suspicious figures I went about performing some of these tests on my machine.

The Polar Coordinates test does work!!! Try this:

Photoshop 6..Filters/Distort/Polar either rectangular to polar or polar to rectangular...
It works just fine.

My setup:
Dual P3 733Mhz...MSI 694D-Pro (Apollo 133a)...SCSI 10k

So if anyone with a dual P3 setup would like to test this, go ahead and make a post. It would be interesting to see why Anandtech's rig failed this test. Even though this filter is what I would consider a menial affect, Anandtech decided they wouldn't graph the P3's performance? Strange..

So don't believe everything you read (ergeorge in particular).

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  1. hmmmm

    maybe.. but maybe it was his setup

    the Main thing wasnt for the P3 anyways..

    thats long dead

    --call it what you wish, with this machine I can make mercury flow in 3 directions at once--
  2. have you tried emailing AnandTech about this?

    flame wars in this forum don't solve anything.

    Intel Components, AMD Components... all made in Taiwan!
  3. thats not whats funny... whats funny is that the dual 933 setup destroys the p4s in all other photoshop tests but fails that one and so is excluded from the conclusion on performance...

    you do not strengthen the weak by weakening the strong
  4. Maybe they got fooled into buying truck loads of Amd they gotto sell them!!! I've seen them do similar things with video cards...on one occasion they even left out the market leader from thier test completely!! Slimy...very slimy....

    "Cock-a-doodle-do" is what I say to my girl when I wake her UP in the morning!!
  5. Surely there has to be another dual P3 owner who can test this!!!

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  6. I have a Dual PIII 600 system 256 Megs RAM(Gigabyte mobo) I tested the "Filters/Distort/Polar Coordinates" in Photoshop 6.0.1 and it worked everytime. I honestly never used the filter in any practical way, it is very simple and limited. There are alot of other filters that perform a similiar task but much better, such as Kai Power Tools 3 Vortex Tiling, also Kai6 Projector is great for perspective and lens effects.

    My other system is a T-Bird 1.2 @ 1.33 with 512 megs RAM, and I have to say for many Photoshop tasks the T-Bird wipes the floor with the Dual PIII system. Anandtech must have had a software problem with Photoshop, I find it hard to believe a specific filter failed due to a hardware problem!

    Either way, The T-Bird is a great CPU OVERALL. I do alot of graphic work, web design in Flash, Dreamweaver, Coldfusion Studio, Premiere 6.0, 3D Studio Max4, Photoshop 6, Corel Draw 10, (fantastic program, makes photoshop look like sh|t)alot of Metacreations products, Deep Paint 3D, Freehand 10 etc. I think I have enough software experience to evaluate the OVERALL performance of the T-Bird and my Dualie PIII system. Yes I realize the clock difference is about double, but taking that into consideration, the Dualie PIII is a dog. No surprise really, the PIII is old!!! I like my dual PIII it works great as a web/database server. It is very very stable and reliable. As for the P4, IMHO it should be put out to pasture.
  7. Thanks for testing that out and posting back.

    Well, ergeorge, I hope that when you look at this you will be a little more cautious about dismissing an entire platform over one tiny little plug that !!!DID!!! work.

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  8. "knock, knock"....hello ergeorge, it's me!!....."knock, knock".....come on, I know your in there...."knock, knock"...hey the tv's on!!!....come to the door ergeorge...all I want you to do is admit you're wrong!!..."knock, knock"...hey I can see your shoes sticking out from behind the sofa!!!.....come on now, just a little appology wil do.....

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  9. LOL
    you just keep pushing this subject for days
  10. >Maybe they got fooled into buying truck loads of Amd > they gotto sell them!!!
    Yea, right, Anandtech sells CPUs.
    So they posted a falsified test on the Internet where
    thousands of people with dual P3's could read it, but no one would ever know. Right.

    If anything, Anandtech is an Intel suckup and they love the P3. What Anandtech does is not publish tests which fail. Anand has written as much on occassion. For instance, they often get advance new mobos and BIOS's that don't work worth a dang, and after running the tests, they never publish them. They often mention in articles that they couldn't get this or that to work well, obviously something is wrong, so they don't publish the result. I think claiming that they were saying that dual P3's can't be made to work correctly is absurd on your part.

    What did ERGeorge say when you emailed him? I mean it's not like he reads through all these forums so he can answer people who say foolish things.
  11. "knock, knock"....look ergeorge I have left this big yummy chocolate cake at the front door mmmm....yummm......hey...I just saw your feet move!!!

    "no can't shoot goblins in wordpad"
  12. geez tonestar, you're really in love with your dual P3, arent you ?

    Egeorge wasnt wrong. Fact remains the dual P3 anand had, failed the test, for whatever reason.

    We can only guess why. Maybe a corrupt photoshop installation, maybe a hardware issue.. we dont know, until Anand clarifies this.

    Your test doesnt teach us much. Do you have the same motherboard ? CPU and stepping ? Same bios rev ? Same memory type and timing ? same vid card, drivers, and service packs ? No. I dont think anybody has ever claimed that no dual P3 could run the polar coordinate test. Its just the one Anand used for some obscure reason. Dont take it personal.. be happy yours works fine. And go ask anand for some clarification instead of trying to prove your point here.

    ---- Owner of the only Dell computer with a AMD chip
  13. ergeorge....."It's not an option in my world. If it doesn't complete the benchmark, it fails. End of story. That goes for any platform."


    Ever wonder why your not a REAL aerospace engineer? I don't.

    "no can't shoot goblins in wordpad"
  14. Two words "Life" and "Get" :)
  15. >just a little appology wil do.....

    <i>You</i> want an apology from <i>me</i>?!?


    I've been waiting nearly 2 months for an apology from you for your complete lying & fabrication. You remember ... that one where you attempted to discredit me by claiming a friend who works for McDonnel Douglas?

    Here, let me review it for you...

    <A HREF="" target="_new">LINK</A>
    <font color=red>"I just asked my friend to view this site (he works at MacDoug) as a REAL Aerospace Engineer."</font color=red>

    Just to make sure, I asked for clarification...

    <A HREF="" target="_new">LINK</A>
    <font color=blue>Do you mean your friend works @ McDonnell Douglas!!?</font color=blue>

    And you took the bait!

    <A HREF="" target="_new">LINK</A>
    <font color=red>ergeorge...what else do people call MacDoug in the aerospace industry. You have obviously been around...NOT!!!Is there any other company that even comes close to the words MacDoug in the avionics industry? </font color=red>

    To which I replied...

    <A HREF="http://" target="_new">LINK</A>
    <font color=blue>Your friend really works for McDonnell Douglas? Really?

    Actually we used to call them MacDac back when I worked with those guys. But you see, McDonnell Douglas ceased to exist as a corporate entity back around 1997 when they merged with Boeing. Harry Stonecipher sucked em dry and sold off the corpse.

    So, who hasn't been around aviation industry?</font color=blue>

    Here is a <A HREF="" target="_new">summary</A> all in one thread for anybody that's interested.

    So, how about it tonestar? Why haven't we ever heard anything from you on this?

    Here are my questions:

    1. Where is your apology or explanation for this blatant bit of fabrication.

    2. Given this history, why should anybody in this forum believe a single word you say. You will obviously lie & fabricate to support your argument.

    I have nothing more to say to you until answer these questions in a satisfactory manner. And since I'm making the rules, if the answers contain any profanity or personal insults, they don't count.

    And finally, the bonus question!
    In the first post that I linked, you stated:

    <font color=red>I came across laminated composite structures in my first year at uni and so did he.</font color=red>

    Please provide a link for a university course catalog listing a freshman level course in composite materials.

    And not some survey course that mentions it in passing. A real course.

    I have never seen one below the junior level, and most dedicated courses start at the senior level. Generally, the only engineering classes you have as a first year engineering student are statics, dynamics, a basic EE course and a basic CS course. The rest is ussually "weed out" classes like chemistry, physics and the 2 semester calculus class from hell. What I was talking about (aeroelastic analysis of composite structures) is the stuff of PhD thesis and postdoc work.

    So put up, or shut up you slimy little manure worm.

    <i>Cognite Tute</i>
    (Think for Yourself)<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by ergeorge on 06/11/01 02:50 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
  16. Wow ergeorge, thats alot of writing you've done just to avoid the issue.

    So are you now going to accept the P3 as a viable platform or appologise?

    You dismissed the whole platform over a crappy plug that DID work, well thats just plain stupid.

    You did no testing and no checking... doesn't sound like thats much of a habit for you....maybe that's why you didn't bother. I mean why on earth would a janitor ever develop that sort of habit....a mop's a mop right?

    Surely you can admit your wrong, the whole forum knows it, come on you can say it.....try it....I'II start you off.... I'm s.......

    ergeorge...: "it doesn't work".....tonestar...: "did you turn it on?"....ergeorge: "oh.."

    "no can't shoot goblins in wordpad"
  17. I stand by my words (but not your distortion of them).

    So, where is your explanation & apology for this sordid incident?

    <i>Cognite Tute</i>
    (Think for Yourself)
  18. I said you ought to prepare an apology when you posted that silly crap didn't I? But you went ahead and posted it anyhow. So what does "I stand by my words (but not your distortion of them)." mean exactly?

    Just tell me, will you now admit the P3 platform is viable or are you still really suggesting we judge it as a complete loss based on that crappy Polar Coordinates test? (That !!!DID!!! work)


    "no can't shoot goblins in wordpad"
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