Continuous Ink Supply System (ciss) for Epson PX730WD, pro's vs con's

I have an Epson PX730WD printer which cost an absolute fortune (around £50 a time) to buy a set of Epson genuine colour ink's. I tried a few compatibles but have found that the colour of the prints tend to fade quite quickly as opposed to prints that have been done with Epson inks.

I'm now considering buying a Continuous Ink Supply System but this concept is rather new to me so I am unsure which systems would be best to invest in, if at all.

Now the Pro's for me are obviously the cost savings but what are the known cons?

Is this a better or worse option to using compatibles?

Are any of these systems capable of producing prints of the same quality or close to genuine Epson ciara Ink?

Any advice on this issue would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Doesn't no one here use Continuous Ink Supply Systems?
  2. cons would be - incorrect ink colour compared to original epson cartridges, fading of prints, worse print quality, heads will block up more easily, waste ink pads will fill up faster because you will be running head cleans all the time to recover blocked print nozzles. The ink doesnt work well with coated epson papers, epson ink is designed to chemically ond to their coated paper, different ink wont do that. Thats why you get such a good result with the genuine epson stuff, although it is a lt more expensive.
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