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Just curious im in no way a hardcore gamer (at most a couple of hours per week on my ps3 ) so basically i browse the internet and watch movies stuff like that. so is it worth going for a 3D monitor? and im planing to use it with my ps3 too.

and a few more questions

1. i have read about the 120Hz refresh rate on 3d monitors, will this offer a significant advantage over a normal display?

2. How will normal 2D stuff look on the 3D Monitor?

3. No plans to start serious gaming on pc , so will i need a good graphics card just to go with my 3D Monitor?

and if its not worth going for one what are my other options?

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  1. 1) For normal stuff, it's not significant. It is most noticeable when gaming. 3D being the most obvious advantage, but even in 2D, it makes first person games feel more responsive if you have the hardware to back it up. You want to shoot for 80+ FPS.

    2) It'll look the same as any other, only realize it's a TN display, which means you get some color shift like any other TN display.

    3) 3D on an active display setup, requires about 80% more power than the same settings in 2D.

    Given how little you game, I'd say no, unless you really want it for movies, and are ok to watch them on your PC. Though I personally find 3D gaming to be much better than 3D movies, but many games do not work well with 3D.

    There are mods to fix many games to work with 3D however. Here is a great mod tool and game fixes done using the tool:

    I use several of those fixes and it makes a world of difference. Currently I have 2 great games in 3D, that are horrible without the fix, but fixes at that site fix them. You just unzip a few files into their folder to apply them. They are very easy to use.
  2. thanks alot for the info. 3D Doesnt seem like a sensible choice now , so would you think going for a normal IPS monitor would be better?
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