Need helping finding a mechanical keyboard

Hi all, I am looking for a mechanical keyboard.

I want it to be durable, i.e. I want it to be long lasting and not get worn out after a few years.

I would like it to look cool, and possibly have a back light (blue is possible) so it looks cool at night ^^

I have £100 to spend :)

P.S. I have been looking at Razer, but there are a lot of complaints that their keyboards only last a year or two, and that they break and get faulty quickly... which acts as a huge deterrent.
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  1. if you want durable... unicomp customizer.

    i used to have a 1990 model m keyboard (which is what they are based on) and it worked fine up until the day someone spilled 80 proof into it. they are built like tanks.

    if you want a more modern option then have a look at deck, das and wasd. they might break your budget though. you could also just look for a specific type of keyswitch ie cherry mx blue (that is what the razers have) and then buy one of the countless other brands not listed by me.
  2. I have a SteelSeries 6GV2, its mechanical, built like a truck so it's super durable... they only thing is it's super basic, no macro keys or extra keys at all. I like it alot, though, I think they have a backlit version as well but it might only be in red not blue. As for the price I think I paid $75 USD, so a hundred pounds should be more than enough.
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