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CPU temp with MBM5

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June 6, 2001 10:59:32 PM


I recently installed new MoBo and CPU (AOpen MK33 + Athlon T-1.2GHz) and would like to know temperature of the MoBo and CPU. I notice that the MoBo have 2 thermal sensor slots but I cann't get hold of the thermal sensor right now. Anyway, I try install MBM5 and also other similar program. All of them report about 24C MoBo cpu (show up as Via686A-1 on MBM5). My questions is as follow:

1. Is the Via686A-1 is the MoBo temp? I tried look for the MoBo spec but it doesn't really confirm my understanding.

2. Other programs cannot report cpu temp (which it should be since I don't have any thermal sensor to measure CPU temp on my current MoBo), but the MBM5 report two other temps (Via686A-2 and Via686A-3). They are both at 77C!!? What are these reading? Are they just the reading of the unplugged thermal sensor?

3. I'm trying to get a thermal sensor. I found Asus have thermal sensor but it say that it is for slot 1 processor (I think it called P2T for mfg part number on Asus web site). I'm not sure if it will work on my MoBo (I believe it should work if the connector is the same and it should be the same principle, i.e., the same generic thermister is used to measure temp). Can anyone confirm my understanding or anyone tried using the Asus thermal sensor on other MoBo than Asus MoBo?

4. My CPU core voltage is at 1.76V. Is this normal for T-1.2G. It seem to be high for me.


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June 6, 2001 11:48:17 PM

Hmmm there was an update to MBM5 just a few days ago (June 3 to be exact)--it may cover precisely the issue you're having here, I don't know. It turns out that some of the Asus boards are now shipping with the VIA temperature monitors enabled (Asus normally disables the VIA686A/B temp sensors and use their own sensors on KT133 boards). Check out the update at the <A HREF="" target="_new">MBM homepage.</A>

Also, on the left frame of that page, there's a list of motherboard info categorized by motherboard brand. I love that list! :smile:


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June 6, 2001 11:56:26 PM

Whoops, sorry, I just saw "asus" in there and it stuck--my bad.

Concerning the AOpen board...though it's not listed at the MBM homepage, AOpen seems to use the same assignments for all motherboards. Chances are, it's a pretty safe assumption that "VIA686A" refers to primary sensor, "VIA686A1" refers to case sensor, and "VIA686A2" refers to CPU sensor.

In my experience, there's no telling where a motherboard manufacturer will put the "primary sensor," so I don't rely on it. My current case temperature is 23C, and my CPU temperature is 42C.


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June 7, 2001 2:10:51 AM


How about the thermal sensor? Do you think that Asus probe (P2T) will work on my MoBo (My MoBo have 2 vacant thermal sensor connector and I just don't have time to find parts to build one =)
June 7, 2001 2:41:05 AM

Hmmm...if it's a little two-pin header coming off the motherboard, with a keyed shroud...I see those a lot. They seem to be some standard, so it might be worth a shot. If it's not what I'm thinking then I have no idea whatsoever! :wink:


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June 7, 2001 2:46:01 AM

Well I will try get hold of the thermal sensor soon. I think it should work since the basic principle should be the same (just thermister + 2-lead connector). At least I hope it work =) Thanks.