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I have windows 7 64-bit Ultimate and I play Rohan Blood feud and i get to the character screen and my pc reboots on me never happened when i had windows xp or vista installed and i have played this game on my windows 7 configuration before. Any solutions?
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  1. Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate Release Candidate?
    The release candidate version of Win 7 is about to expire. Your PC is probably shutting down every two hours about now.
    Are you having any other problems except in that one game?
  2. I dont have release Canididate but it seems the issue only occurs in Windows 7 then i try to make a new character as far as playing old ones it lets me do that still
  3. I've sold a couple of PCs recently that had no issues in any benchmark/stress test I put them through, but as soon as the customer fired up a game, problems occurred. With one, it was WoW and at random times in the game - sometimes minutes, sometimes hours. In another, it was whenever it would pop-up an overlay screen for inventory management (I forget the game) - as soon as he exited to get back to the game, it would crash. In both cases, it was a faulty memory stick. We found it by removing a stick at a time until the game ran. Replacing the bad stick fixed the issue. It's rebooting, probably, because you're getting a BlueScreen and the PC's rebooting immediately as it dumps. If you have two sticks of memory (or more) try removing one at a time to see if you still have the issue. If you have just a single stick, try running MemTest86. It's not always accurate, though, because it didn't find any errors on either of the two PCs I had issues with. Go figure. Usually, though, when I see game crashes involving reboots and not simply kicking you back to the desktop (which would be a game issue or a driver problem) it involves a bad memory stick.
  4. I did a mem test and found no bad sticks even tried a memtest program still nothing so i have no clue what the issue is and it turns out its doing the reboot with all 3D games maybe my GTX 260 Superclocked 896 GDDR3 is going out?
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    In my experience, and this isn't gospel, but a failing or overheating video card will cause artifacts and weird behavior in the game, but I've yet to see one cause a reboot. As I said, I've seen memtest pass with flying colors and still have a bad memory stick that only shows itself in games. If you have multiple sticks, I'd remove all but one then try running your game and see if you still have the problems. Keep swapping them out until you determine that the behavior happens with all the sticks. Ideally, you'll find one that works with no problems, then add another one until you find which one's causing the problem. I'm not saying that's definitely the issue, but I've seen what you describe a couple times and in both instances it was a bad memory stick that didn't show in memtest.

    Thankfully, both of these computers were sold (ebay) to people with a little working knowledge of computers and they worked with me over email. Thank goodness for their patience. Heh-heh.

    If all of them exhibit the same behavior running on their own, then I think it'd be safe to rule out memory and we'll be back at square one. Driver issue, maybe, though that's usually a blue screen (not a reboot). A processor overheating will cause a reboot. Those are the only two issues I've seen (off the top of my head) that cause a reboot and not a blue screen or other weird issues.
  6. the reboots stopped the cords in my pc were choking the psu making it overheat i fixed that around with a friend and my pc runs great now just microsofts program for turbo boost is trying to tell me my i7 isn't an i7 ......
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