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DeathAdder 3.5G Problem

December 13, 2012 9:21:21 PM

Ok so I bought my deathadder about 3 months ago, And its a good
mouse. But all of a sudden im having real problems with it.
I did not update anything firmware or drivers or anything. Just started
happening after turning the PC on.
Im having some "USB Device Not Recognized" When I plug the mouse in.

The blue wheel lights up when plugged in but the flashing logo does not
light up, and obviously the mouse is not functional.

I got the mouse working 2 or 3 times by doing the following:

1. Unplug Deathadder
2. Restart Windows with old PS2 mouse.
3. Uninstall Razor drivers
4. Clean registy with CCLEANER
5. Restart windows
6. Re-Install razor drivers
7. Restart Windows
8. Plug in deathadder

It would work and Windows would correctly install some Deathadder driver
from windows update. But Synapse 2 would not detect the mouse.
And if the mouse turns off or uplugged or restart Windows. I would need to
redo steps 1-8 to get it to work again.

^ These are the files that it uses to work, It seems to never recognize the official drives and just bypasses straight to these when it ever works.

Im wondering is their anyway to bind these files to the mouse. So when unpluged it does not reset and try and find drivers eveytime i plug it in. Thus cutting out the annoying useless Razer drivers and stop the "USB Device Not Recognized"

I could really do with some advice/help. I thought justifying a high
priced luxury mouse would mean stability and longevity, But its broke
after 3 months. And im also very shocked to only just find out Razer does not have its own Support forum wtf Oo

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