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First let me say I have no idea what the right category for this question is, but if you have a suggestion of where to ask this question and get better answers please share. So I am looking into getting an uninterrupted power supply for my PC as I have had the power fail 4 times in the last two months and it's driving me nuts when I lose my work. The problem is that I know nothing about a UPS. So my question for you is how many watts should I get, what does AV mean and how much do I want, and what is generally a better brand APC or CyberPower? Thanks for the help in advance.
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  1. APC is always a good brand to go with. The watts you need depends on your PC, monitors, and any other peripherals such as printers you need to power before you shut down.

    Basically, look at the power ratings and add them all up, plus at least 2-30% extra for safety. If a device is rated in amps, the watts are amps times voltage.
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