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Is it worth it to fix my D610 laptop?

I believe the hard drive is damaged on my D610 Dell. I wiped my hard disk and then installed WinXP from scratch and then it still freezes or just randomly reboots. (I had earlier problems with corrupted data multiple times before I wiped and reformatted).

Anyhow is it worth to fix the hard disk or buy a new hard disk? How much is a cheap hard disk?
Or should I just sell the broken laptop on ebay or something?

Thank you in advance.
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    If only the HDD, then replacing it is very inexpensive. You can use any of these HDDs to replace the one you have:

    Up to you on how much you want to spend and what desired capacity to go with. Swapping a laptop HDD with the D610 should only take a couple of minutes.

    Good luck!
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