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I have read a lot of different opinions on Dell versus Toshiba. I would greatly appreciate your help on the choice to make for ùmy dad who is not a PC guru. Which is more reliable?

DELL : Inspiron 17R(N00N7031), I3-380M (2.53GHz), 3072MB 1333MHz Dual Channel DDR3 SDRAM [1x1024 + 1x2048], Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator HD, 320GB (5,400rpm) Serial ATA Hard Drive > 549,20 €

TOSHIBA: Satellite L670-1F5, Intel Core i3 370M , 2,40 GHz, Mobility Radeon HD 5430, RAM:4 Go

Thank you for your advice, which is urgently needed, as my dad is going to buy a laptop anytime soon. I would like to help him in getting the best ration quality/price.
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  1. Given these specs, teh Toshiba will outperform the Dell overall due to the better video solution (ATI vs. Intel) and more memory.

    Both are similar in their reliability. My question would be this. Which system has the better advertised warranty?
  2. Hello ,

    Thank you for your swift answer. However, if my dad were to buy the following:

    Toshiba - Satellite L670-1DL - Ordinateur Portable 17,3" LED - Intel Pentium P6100 - 320 Go - RAM 4 Go DDR3 - Intel Graphique Media Accelerator HD Windows 7 at 433€

    versus :
    Toshiba - Satellite L670-1LP - Ordinateur Portable 17,3" - Intel Pentium P6200 - 640 Go - RAM 4096 Mo - Windows 7 - ATI Mobility Radeon at 589€

    would the processors/graphic card difference make a difference as his usage is internet, mail? Oversee the HD capacity . He already has one with 320 Go and is far from being filled.

    Thank you

    Best regards,

  3. The discrete video would be much better for movies and overall performance. If he wanted to play a game, it would also prove better. Still, either choice will meet his basic needs just fine.
  4. Thank you for your time :)
  5. Bea_PACA said:
    Thank you for your time :)

    You are most welcome. In general, a discrete video adapter adds flexibility and increases performance. Just a good rule of thumb to keep in mind. Good luck to you and your father!
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