Laptop not turning on

Okay, this has confused me a bit, so I am hopeful that you guys can help me on this.

I have a laptop that had broken lcd brackets. I purchased new ones to replace them. The laptop was working just fine. I took apart the laptop and replaced the brackets. I put the machine back to how it was before and plugged it in. I pressed the power key and the only thing that happens is that the power light comes on. The GPU and CPU fans don't spin. I waited about 30 seconds and the CPU fan turns on. After about 5 minutes the GPU fan turns on. Nothing displays on the screen. I hooked up an external monitor and pressed the fn key with the monitor key. I took apart the machine and checked it out and everything looks good. I am getting power to all devices from what I can tell since fans turn on when devices get warm and DVD drive will eject if I press on it.

I then tried to clear all power by pull the cmos battery and giving it 1hr and then held down the power key for 30+ seconds. Still just like before.


From Eurocom
Sager NP5791
nVidia GeForce 8700M GT with 512 MB of DDR3
2.2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo T7500
WUXGA display
TV tuner
DVD/CD player/Burner

I like the machine and want to fix it, but if this is a lost cause please let me know. I will not be devastated over it since I paid $250 for the laptop.
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  2. Any suggestions?

    If not I will start to scrap this item.
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