1.4 No BIG news!!!

Tom is just a little bias ehh?!!! As he stated the biggest news has been the nForce and 1.4. Yeah right!!!! Yes the nforce and yes the 760MP. I wouldn't even be very impressed with a 2.0! Hell I'd be scared!!! I almost burned my house down once thank you.

As far as CPUs goes I'm am looking foward to the 13u architecture as in the Northwood and the Thoroughbred (is it?). Let's get more instuctions and cach for Intel and lower the heat for AMD and get ready for teh future with SSE2.

As far as 64 bit proccesing I would guess it will be 2-3 years from the launch until it will be worth giving a go.

After hearing about WinXP at the register today I'm glad I'm going to Linux. may be quite a learning curve and is not perfect but get Big Brother off my back. Hell I havn't even put in the version M$ sent me yet and do't plan 2. I was planning on trying RC1 but that seems iffy now too. Plus do I want to allocate room for that? Already have Me, W2K and Linux will be back on soon. Hoping to dump W2K for linux in the future as well.

I better come here more often. Too much to rant for one post. HATE LONG POST MYSELF!!!

Sorry about that.

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  1. Quote:
    As far as 64 bit proccesing I would guess it will be 2-3 years from the launch until it will be worth giving a go.

    Try around 5 years.

    Nice Intel and AMD users get a Cookie.... :smile: Yummy :smile:
  2. Don't Blast it till you try it. Windows XP is for one of the first times something good that has come from microsoft. Maybe you should take a look at what it has to offer before you deside that you shouldn't be using it.

  3. I seriously doubt it'll take 5 years let alone 2-3. Most people made the transition from Win3.1 to Win95 within 2 years. A 64bit OS is worth going to in the server and high end desktop market right off the bat.

    -MP Jesse

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  4. It'll take 2-3 years alone before they can get the compilers right. Windows 3.1 to Win95 was a OS change. The x86 to IA64 is a architecture change.

    Blah, Blah Blahh, Blahh, blahh blah blahh, blah blah.
  5. You can't diss AMD's hardware, so you have to diss their reviews. Give me a [-peep-] break........

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  6. Hell I'll diss what I want. If it makes you feel any better I own 2 Atholons (clasic 750 adn 1.2 AXIA) and a PII333. What's the big deal 1.333 to 1.4? I'm just pissed at the 13u tech being delayed. Plus I'm getting more insterested in stablity these days and I don't need to spend hours - days configuring my sys. (hardware, drivers yada yada yada . .. ) Just as an example I have the Iwill KK266 and I had to remove cards just to get my machin to boot into DOS with cd-rom support. Never had that one before with the same hardware even. HHmmmm

    I have tried XP. A couple diff releases too. All my apps won't work and my Radeon didn't fair well with games and all. I did figure out how to get a 3rd party PPPoE to connect my DSL but hell I shouldn't of had to do that. That is why I have put in the official copy I got and still crindge at the next release of RC1 I can get officially even.

    Gotta Run!!!

    Keep on postin'

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  7. I apologize. I thought you were another one of those Intel freaks that disses everything to do with AMD.

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  8. Cool. Thanks. Nice to see an apology. Especially after my rude ranting and raving. You must be alright.

    Well I must apologzie for being so rude in my reply.

    have a great day all!!

    Unless you have other plans that is!!! Yes it's up to you stop balming everybody and everything.

    Come to think of it I bought the [-peep-], installed the crap. And in reallity I like the learning experience.

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  9. Interesting, I have a IWILL KK266 which is fairing well. I wonder what is different. I have a ver 1.1, ver 1.2 had some serious problems, I don't know what version you have. Plus I have a Radeon 64. I had this setup operate on W2K for over a week straight, no crashes. 1.2gh@1.33ghz presently, have overclocked to 1.46gh without any apparent problems.

    Well to eat your <b>C :smile: :smile: kie</b> and have it too, gotta get <b>Rade :smile: n II</b>
  10. "days configuring my sys"

    Just so you know, I build computers. Sometimes I have to make special orders, and I must configure a computer in hours. I have delivered every computer on-time so far.......

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  11. It's a big deal for me as I've been waiting for the 1.33 retail to appear again for my K7 Master thats been waiting for 6 weeks. Well, still no 1.33 retail that I missed the boat on before it disappeared, but the 1.4 266 will do just fine. My chip shipped last night :) and I was saying it all day. "Chip shipped, chip shipped, chip shipped"

  12. May I ask why you want the 1.33 retail?

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  13. Well obviously I don't want the 133 anymore but I assume the real question is why do I want a retail chip over a oem.
    Mainly for the 3 year warrenty and my belief that there is more of a guarantee of quality that translates into a cooler more stable chip. Many oem chips are great but there is always that chance of a funky one. Is the $30-$40 bucks more you pay for a retail enough to warrent a 3 year warrenty if AMD didn't feel more confident about the retail version? The 1.4 266 is cheaper than the 1.33 266 was when it went out of supply. I must admit I'm concerned about the extra heat that the 1.4 might have for only a 5% increase in performance. But if it is too hot i'll just add a 4th fan in my Antec 1030b case. The 1.33 retail would of been fine if I could have gotten it 6 weeks ago.
  14. Have to say I just missed the boat on the 1.33 too. I mean just missed it. Well After delay and delay due to my retailer not telling me the truth. I actually saw the article on the Register about the delays I cam out ahead. The Regester also posted an article where to get an AXIA. So I picked one up along with a Thermoengine. I let her run @ 1.33. It's gone higher but don't se the use too much.

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  15. It's a big deal to me too. Athlon MP with its SSE instruction set for backward compatibility with my SSE enabled games (to keep the bright colors I like), and the new supporting chipsets. Really excited about the nForce chipset, and the new 760MP. Looks like I will have a practical (I want to keep the SSE instructions) and fun upgrade path from my old P3 933 system (in 6 months or less).
  16. Tom has a point of view and takes a stand, which he makes very plain, unlike some who pose as neutral and you have to use your higher intellectual powers to figure out. I doubt if Tom hadn't badmouthed RDRAM any of the other mealy-mouthed Intel-suck-up reviewers would have said peep.

    The reason for the 1.4G now is obviously that AMD _HAS_ _TO_ match P4 at least on the old, basic benchmarks to get a good price for their CPUs. A 1.7G P4 means a 1.4G Athlon. Remember AMD was losing money on K6's. Then they put a great FPU in the K7 just because public perception would not allow them to get a good price with a k6 style FPU, even though 95% of K7 users never use the FPU other than to run stress tests on their HSF.
  17. The only reason I can think of to buy a 1.4GHz is to get the new core (overclocking!) but if you're getting retail it doesn't matter anyways..

    Just so you know, the CPU itself in the OEM and Retail are the exact same. (i've bought OEM my whole life and haven't had a single "Funky one".)

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  18. the thing is there was e review when the faster p4 came out how is it biased to have a review when new amd chips are released... tom does a review of every new chip... one thing i want to know is how well can the 1.4 be overclocked... can you up the 133 to 150 fsb and use it with the pc2400 ddr which is out? thats what... 1575mhz and a faster fsb... could be sweet if the pcis could take it... but anyway...

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  19. Agree, certainly for current crops of top AMD processors there is NOTHING second rate about OEM v.s. Retail. AXIA is AXIA... (or whatever the latest batch is now - I forget!)

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  20. I think the latest batches are AHYJAs.


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  21. bless you - oh, that _wasn't_ a sneeze? LoL!

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  22. I got a question. How do you people know all these batch codes? Is there a website that tells you what codes mean what??
  23. That's interesting that you say that. I bought an OEM 1.2/266 t'bird and haven't had any problems. But afterward I was reading on one site (I forget which one) that the retail chips were better, they all had copper interconnects instead of aluminum, the L1 bridges were connected, they were better for overclocking, etc. Is that not the case?

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  24. Hell if I know which site inperticurally (<---how does that look - Oh Hell). I have sites I check out everyday. Bad obsession of mine. Takes away from many work hours (each day . . oops). The Register actually posted a place where I bought my AXIA.

    As far as Tom doing a review every release, I'll give him that. I myself just don't see the need the see it is 3% faster. What I was getting at is he said that the nForce and the 1.4 were the Highlights of the show. Yes the nForce and ney the 1.4. Hell Our chips already do that for one thing but more importantly there were much bigger things a going on. Sticking with AMD is teh MP and all the subsequent vedors coming to support it. Was there a Northwood running? A new silicon process would beat it hands down. Anyway the real point is wear your brain when you read any ANY any review. They tend to be slanted one way or another for VARIOUS reasons and some are just DEAD wrong!!!

    RAMBUS!!! Did I hear Rambus? I was on the Hating wagon and had a hard time jumping off to take a good honest look. I was quite glad even of llate to see them lose in trial. Whan it comes down to it if the P4 and possibly some day an AMD need it and the latency doesn't kill it well bring it on. I guess I'm just a slut as I guess many Americans are these days. I'm not sure but I think we hold the smallest amount of loyalty than other countries. As some will die to protect valor even if they were mistaken. I have to give Tom that is is a loyal German. And I mean no wrong in that. I have German (really Austrian) descent and it is the one I am most proud of. I am also of Russian (which I kinda like too) and then there is my Welsh side. Hell I grew up hating the blimy blokes (oops). They do have great humor, I hope their using it :)

    Onward and Upwrds (I Hope!!!)

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  25. I think all the 1.33s (maybe all AXIAs) are copper because of the yield level and core issues in faster CPUs.

    I've had 3 x 1.33AXIA OEMs (don't ask!) and all have been unlocked.

    I don't think the top chips are sorted OEM v.s. Retail.

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  26. We've gone through this before a lot!! Stable was telling us that you're only guarenteed to get the copper if you buy retail and that sounded reasonable. I read the other day though that this is an urban legend and that no AMD cpu's have copper yet. They just haven't built the facilities, so whether you have a green or a blue die or whatever, you aren't getting any copper. Apparently the author of the article wasn't sure why the blue core's from Dresden OC so much better, but straight from AMD he swore that there were no copper CPU's on the market yet. It would cost more and that is that. I'm trying to find the article right now and will post it if I find it.

    Personally I have no clue what the truth is.

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  27. Interesting - I - like you - thought all the new cores were copper as the Alu didn't scale to speeds and temps required!

    Look forward to the article if you find it.

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  28. Gotta say Peteb and Wusy are right. I do remember seeing it somewhere that from a certain and megahertz and beyong they are all copper. I guess I havn't paid enough attention to that. You can probally tell by the markings on the cpu. Never paid attention to that too.

    Damn What Do I Pay Attention TO?!!! I only read this [-peep-] everyday. Hmmm

    Braim Dambage

    I think that should be my new name. Cool.

    Anyone interested in Linux or knowledgable even????

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  29. talking cores here!

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  30. This is what I've got...started a new thread....you tell me...

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  31. just follow the techo news a bit and places like
    <font color=orange>

    <A HREF="http://www.overclockers.com/" target="_new"> go to CPU database </A>

    </font color=orange>

    however, we all start at the end and finish at the begining
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