Windows 7 Will Not Boot with Second Hard drive Installed

Hi Guys,

I am at my wits end trying to solve this issue. Please help!

I have a Machine with the Following Config:
Intel E2180 CPU
2GB Ram
Gigabyte GA-G31M-S2C Mainboard
Seagate ST31000340NS SATA Hard Drive Connected on SATA0

Operating Systems:
Windows 7 Ultimate 64Bit on HDD
Windows 7 Ultimate 32Bit Booting from VHD

I Installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64Bit onto Hard Drive as Per Normal Installation Onto the Hard Drive and Installation created 2 Partitions (1 System PArt and Another for C: Drive)
Everything Works Great.
I Then Installed Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit Into a VHD. Setup Created a Multiple Boot Entry into the BCD so that when I Boot it Prompt Which OS I Want, I then Used BCDEdit to Change the Descriptions of the Boot Options "Windows 7 Ultimate - 64Bit - HOST" and "Windows 7 Ultimate - 32Bit - VHD"
Everything still works Great.. No Problems.. Been Like this for a While Now and Perfect.

Now the Problem is that I Need to get some Data From and Old SATA Drive..
I Shutdown ..
Plugin the WD1600AAJS (160GB) into Another SATA Port (SATA1)..
Turn Machine on and Press Delete to Enter Setup for Bios..
Goto Set Boot Device Priority and Ensure that the ST1000340NS Drive is at the Top (1st Priority)..
Exit and Save Settings..
PC Goes through POST and Then Will not Boot.. it Gives "Missing Operating System"
Shutdown Remove WD1600AAJS Drive.. Boots Perfect.. Reattach WD 1600AAJS Drive and "Missing Operating System"
Tried Using "F12 to Select Boot Option" during POST to Select Boot Device.. Choose ST1000340NS ... and Still same Issue..
Remove the WD1600AAJS and Boots No Prob Off the ST1000340NS.

I thought that maybe it was the WD Drive.. so Tried another Seagate Drive.. and Same Issue..

I have set Every Available Option on The Bios to Choose the Boot Device and NOTHING Works.. I have Even swapped HArd drive SATA Ports .. still no Difference.

I have an Idea there is a problem with the BCD but I Cannot Edit or Add any thing to the BCD as it will not boot with the second drive attached. And When you edit the BCD it need the second drive attached to be able to Add a BCD Entry.. ERRG..

Please Help.. Any Ideas would be Greatly Appreciated!
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  1. Format that hdd in other systems . Update bios and hdd firmware .
  2. That Does Not Help. I have Tried about 4 Differnet Hard Drives And Always the Same Result. Machine Boots fine with only Main Drive.. as soon as ANY second drive is put in the system.. it fails.
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