The Lenovo Y460P, Asus N46SN and WoW

I'm looking to purchase a new laptop for school and was wondering if the Lenovo IdeaPad Y460P would be good enough for games or running World of Warcraft around high and ultra settings? It has an ATI 6550M card with 1GB memory.

Another option I have would be the Asus N43SN with a 1GB NVidia 550M graphics but the price is kinda over my budget.

Would the graphics performance of both laptops be around the same? Would like to get the cheaper Lenovo if it performs almost as well as the Asus.
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  1. The 550m is a bit better in terms of all around performance. But going with the 6550 won't hurt gaming performance that bad. Have a look at this link for more:
  2. Quick blurb not really related to your question, if you have the space and cash, get an external monitor, a 14" laptop screen is a bit constricting for gaming, and at higher settings you'll be wasting the effects. I speak from experience, I usually play on a 14.1 Lenovo ThinkPad, but have a high-end 21" NEC monitor that I get to use when the wife is not on it (buy a system, get it taken over, how things go with marriage), and the whole thing is just better on a larger monitor. And get a real keyboard and mouse along with the monitor.
  3. Thanks a lot for the responses guys! Would probably go with the Lenovo. One last question before I make the purchase, what do you guys think about the performance of the NVidia 540M with 1GB vram? Looking at an Asus i7 K43Sv around the same price as the Lenovo.
  4. HP offers a student discount that would make a better computer cheaper, with better support. You can check them out here -
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