More Dual Athlon 1U R/M Servers!

Probably not that many of you are interested in rackmount servers for homes, but those of you interested in clustered dual AMD's (ergeorge?), check out <A HREF="" target="_new">Appro's latest product.</A>


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  1. It uses passive cooling. Interesting. Shows just how cool those babies run.

    -MP Jesse

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  2. Now I thirst for power consumption/heat dissipation specs on that thing. I just have to know...heheHEHeheheh :wink:


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  3. Sort of passive cooling, those 4 x DC blowers are going to put a fair airflow over the memory and cpu sinks.

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  4. Wow, 550W power supply in a 1U case! I think the other 1U I posted only had 350W.

    On the cooling: It's not really passive. If you look at the specs, they have 4 "radial" (centrifigal?) blowers in the case. I suspect that the case is designed such the the CPU (& northbridge?) heat sinks go all the way to the top cover, and the airflow is routed through them. That's the way it looks <A HREF="" target="_new">here</A>.

    Actaully, I wonder if this system might work better then a 2U horizontal case with more typical HSF? Sound's strange, but it may be easier to cool these systems in a 1U case!?

    Thanks for the link.

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  5. >It uses passive cooling. Intersting. shows just how cool those babies run.

    yeah, right I see four squirrels in there-to prevent a meltdown, very noisy, the P3's are the coolest ROTFLMAO!!!

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  6. Whatever.

    -MP Jesse

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  7. Also the slowest. A single AthlonMP 1.2 smacks a dual PIII silly--and consumes about the same amount of power as the duals. OOPS! LoL :lol:

    Of course, you could try comparing the P4 Xeons...wait, the Xeon consumes almost 30% more power than the AthlonMP 1.2? That's four Blue Squirrels having heart attacks!

    Not to mention which, the dual Xeons still get whipped...just thought I'd mention that. I know you love hearing it... :tongue:


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  8. >very noisy

    So what?
    A 1U rackmount isn't the kind of thing you have sitting under your desk.

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