T410 or MacBookPro 2011 or Dell Latitude E5410 for study


I am currently doing my PhD where I need to write codes and play with Weka, Python.

I'm not sure wether to go for Lenovo Thinkpad T410 or MBP. Been dreaming to use MBP ever since, but considering you guy's opinion as well.

Apart from that I also put Dell Latitude E5410 in my list. But through my readings, found out that Dell hardware isn't reliable enough, yes?

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    Lenovo vs. MAC.. ah.. depends on your budget. A MAC running dual boot Windows and MAC OS is a good thing, and works well. Lenovo ThinkPad is as solid and sturdy laptop as you can get, but even those top of the line systems are cheaper than a MAC Pro.

    If they were the same price, I'd get the MAC, although I am by no means a "MAC guy". But I would for sure get a dual boot setup for the MAC.

    For PhD, also you may want to have a MAC. Many research instututions use MACs, so good to know the system, many programs used in such also run on MAC platform. Now that I'm talking about it, even if the cost was a few 100 more for the MAC, you may be better off with the MAC. Plus you can be all cool when you whip it out at Starbucks to check your Facebook :-)
  2. thanks man. at least i have a justification for myself if i'm getting an MBP :)
  3. Check out the Lenovo T420, should be coming out towards the end of the month. Quoted with some pretty nice battery life w/ sandy bridge.
  4. Owh, I'm in Malaysia, usually good stuffs arrive here pretty late than the US.

    Thanks for u guys suggestions, already got Dell Vostro 3400 here, bought it for RM2, 200 (around USD700)
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