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in what year did sony stop producing PCG-7N2L
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  1. If you look at the back of the laptop, there is almost always a date of warranty or manufacture on it.

    You can also check on sony's website for support by serial number and check the warranty date, if you know when the warranty expired and how long it was, you can get the date it was made.
  2. Thomas Mc said:
    in what year did sony stop producing PCG-7N2L

    by back you meanthe bottom?
  3. Thomas Mc said:
    by back you meanthe bottom?

    Yes, bottom. Serial Number and Sony support are the best bet for finding when it was made.
  4. sorry nothing says serial # theres 2 #'s
    ic: 3652b-rd02d110
    FCC id pd9wm3945abg
  5. oh yes i did try sony's web sight and they asked for a vgn number that is not showing anywhere
  6. the best answer was none of these the model number on the bottom lead you to another number on the front of the screen and that was thanks to the sony web sight that i found it. the only comment i got was from one person which i had already found that info
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