Need suggestion for mech robust keyboard

Hello dear fellows,

I searched for keyboards in the last couple of weeks hours and hours for the "perfect" mechanical keyboard - I stumbled upon these three:

Thermaltake G Unit

Corsair K90

Gigabyte Osmium

What do you suggest? They have around the same price here in Romania, all mech, backlit and cool looking.

I am playing FPS's mainly.

Also if you have anything else in mind (doesn't need to be backlit, but I want it to be "clicky" and robust). First of all needs to be robust, with a long life and to trust it won't break or something. Also want aditional keys besides the usual ones - don't matter if those keys are multimedia or macro or whatever. :)

Many thanks for all the help dear fellows! And wish you all Happy Holidays!
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  1. the most robust keyboard ever made is definitely the original ibm model m. its a tank and very well built. the buckling spring mechanism is also the most clicky and most tactile of all the switches. personally i do consider it better then the current gen switches on modern keyboards.

    unicomp makes the customizer which is for the most part a copy of this original design. they come in ps2 or usb.

    the only issue is that they use an older key matrix so are only rated at 2kro. if this is not an issue for you and if you take care of it then it will be around for quite a long time.


    if you must have more than 2kro or need extra functions then perhaps you should look at das, deck or wasd. if you want clicky tactile keys you may want to look for something with cherry mx blue keyswitches.

    i've tried out the razer model and while the keys definitely did not feel as nice as a model m they were not terrible. the razer lacks ps2 support (so i can make it interrupt not polled) so i returned it. build quality was average but the gloss plastic meant constant cleaning.

    i'm not sure about any of the models you listed but i think i did see the k90 in a store and it looked about average to me. i would wonder if the actual keys are mounted on a metal backplate or if they just wrapped the whole keyboard in aluminum to make it look nice. big difference.

    ...just a few thoughts. i'm pretty much in the same boat as you.

    i'd just buy a customizer but i want them to update the keyboard matrix for nkro. i sent them a message but who knows if they will ever upgrade.
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