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We are talking with someone to buy a wireless 7" screen Windows notebook. I want to know how others rate this product. I need it primarily to have access to run my websites and check email, etc. I'm supposed to meet this p[erson tomorrow to buy the book, he says it's never been used and he is selling it for $70 U.S.D. I would GREATLY appreciate any input as I don't want to waste my money if this product is going to drive me insane and give me more gray hair than I already have!! ;) Thanks a million!! K
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  1. Need the product manufacturer and model number, Windows is not a notebook brand but an operating system platform.

    Either way, a 7" screen is really a very niche product, I would not use it for any type of work for more than a few minutes. Maybe as a portable movie player or a mobile tech tool for testing jacks, wireless and such.
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