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I'm in the market to replace my old Dell system with something new. I've heard lots of good things about AMD, and I'm leaning in that direction. However, how much will I regret that decision when SSE support for games and other software become more of a reality?

Does it make sense to buy an Athlon 1.4Ghz system or should I stick with the P4 1.7Ghz due to SSE support?

Any advice is appreciated.

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  1. Being an AMD supporter of course I would
    recommend AMD. If you're worried about
    SSE support then you might want to get
    a Palomino chip from AMD. It supposedly has
    full SSE support.

    What do you plan on using this system for?

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  2. Mostly to run flight simulation software when I'm not flying the real thing for work. I guess I'm looking for a strong gaming rig.
  3. SSE??, I am a gamer thats what I want my new PC, I was thinking about buying a AMD 1.4 gig tomorrow, Will SSE be something I will hear alot about if I buy this system ? Because I will not have SSE with AMD 1.4 will games get to good for the AMD 1.4 to soon ? I want the best Machine for gaming and doing school work on. So what do you think ? My last machine could run games Great till about last Christmas I have a 233mhz p2 voodoo 2 and it can pretty much kill with the graphics but speed is begining to become a problem.So SSE is it really important ?
  4. just thought i'd throw this in.....the athlon 1.4 is a t-bird with out the SSE optimization. what he meant by a palomino was an athlo4 which should be coming out in the next few months.

    so if it's SSE that your lookig for then wait for the athlon4 to hit the desktop market. but, if you need it right now then go with the P4, if you can afford it(not recommended.)

    is this reality... i thought it would more realistic.
  5. You will not see the difference between a P4 and an Athlon (SSE is next to completely irrelivant) in games useless your benchmarking at 640x480, at which point does 200fps vs. 225fps make any difference? At the res. you actually play the game at they will both give you EXACTLY the same fps. They are both more then powerful enought to be completely limited by your video card. Even with a GF3.

    However, if you go with the Athlon you will have a few extra 100$'s to spend of your video card, (the limiting factor) which will directly, and almost completely control the quality of your gaming expecrience.

    Therefor, get the Athlon and use the extra cash to get that GF3 I was talkin about.

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  6. "does 200fps vs. 225fps make any difference"

    Not to mention no monitor can actually support 200+Hz to my knowledge. Even at 640x480.

    As for the rest of your post.. couldnt agree more. For gaming, its the videocard that makes the difference.. soundsystem also, but to a lesser degree.

    One last remark for bdiamond. Since you'r probably not very knowledgeable about todays hardware, you might want to buy an OEM system, to save you from the headaches of correcly choosing and installing hsf's, psu's, drivers and stuff. ( though its not too hard when you know about it)

    ---- Owner of the only Dell computer with a AMD chip
  7. If i were you i would wait to see the palamino and the P4 northwood to really make your choise.But the real question is how long do you plan to keep your Computer ????

    Personaly i would rather get a ATI Rageon2 ( it will probable go out at the same time then Pal./P4Northwood)
    cuz between a Ge-force2 and a GF3, the GF3 is only faster and you cant really see the diference in graphic quality.
  8. Well if its an intel system wait for the northwood p4 :*)

    If its an AMD system make sure its using a SiS 735 chipset with an athlon at 266 fsb.

    Nice Intel and AMD users get a Cookie.... :smile: Yummy :smile:
  9. Yes, I agree with getting AMD and a better video card (GeForce 3? nv25?), but you might want to get a better monitor instead of the better video card? Seems to me, since you're a pilot, you'd want a nice, large perfect flat monitor.

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  10. I don't think the eye can distinguish the difference. That is why they have to benchmark.
  11. "If i were you i would wait to see the palamino and the P4 northwood to really make your choise.But the real question is how long do you plan to keep your Computer ????

    Personaly i would rather get a ATI Rageon2 ( it will probable go out at the same time then Pal./P4Northwood)
    cuz between a Ge-force2 and a GF3, the GF3 is only faster and you cant really see the diference in graphic quality."

    I apologize in advance.

    If you don't know what your talking about don't offer advice. If you had bothered to know what you were talking about before pretending you did, you'd know:

    -Neither Northwood, Palomino, or the Radeon II are going to be released any time in the near future. The wait will likely be to Christmas time assuming the schedules stop slipping. Not to mention if you waited a little longer to get the next best thing you'd never actually buy anything hardware related.

    -If you know what you were talking about you wouldn't claim the GF3 was just a faster version of the GF2. Here take a look. Also see Aquanauts, and the 3DMark2001 Nature Demo. The GF3 is the biggest step forward GFX cards have taken in years. nFinateFX, and finally decent frame rates with highish res. FSAA bring loads to visual quality. Heck, you don't even know it's GeForce 3, not Ge-force 3.

    -Then you go on to proclaim a currently vapour ware video card from ATI better then the NVIDIA card you obviously know nothing about.

    "I don't think the eye can distinguish the difference. That is why they have to benchmark."

    Exactly. If you can't tell what's the difference. :-)

    I AM Canadian.
  12. lol
    kudos to you man.
    call bs on them, they need it.
    however, I think the Palimino will be out in a decent amount of time, AMD has hit near the limit they previously said for the Tbird, the Palimino isn't using a new process, just higher quality parts, it shouldn't be a big deal to swap the manufacturing plants in comparison to the changes required for the .13 process.
    anyway, I don't know when the Paly will be out, but I can't see AMD letting Intel have nearly 6 months of upgrades without coming back with something.
    IMO, wait until the end of July or so, see how everything is going, if nothing else, get a good system with a newer motherboard that can support the A4...

    Independant thought is good.
    It won't hurt for long.
  13. True Athlon 4's will be out on mass ASAP, but there all going to be laptop, and lower clocked high priced MP versions. (The 1.2GHz MP looks about on par with the 1.4GHz Tbird according to Ace's, but why pay more for the same performance?) Guess AMD figures it can hold the desktop with Tbird, and wants it's big guns tearing into the new higher margin markets.

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  14. Is there a new roadmap that you've seen? I was under the impression that we should start seeing the first Palamino's running at around 1.5 Ghz towards the fall. Christmas time and first quarter next year are supposed to just yield higher clock speeds. So far I have only heard that the Northwood is slipping behind schedule.

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  15. Rumor has it that the desktop Athlon4 will be annouced on July 23 (though my source is not necessarily reliable).

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  16. We need more info.
    Bank account, software use,do you know what is a chipset driver.
  17. Quote:
    We need more info.
    Bank account,...

    Huh! Why????? Or you meant his budget?

    :smile: Good or Bad have no meaning at all, depends on what your point of view is.
  18. Actually he is referring to picture quality, not capabilities I believe. I have not noticed much difference in picture quality between the GeForce2 and 3 video cards. It is well known that the Rageon cards have better picture quality over the GeForce Line of cards. I've compared a GeForce and a Rageon on a KVM switch. Even my old Rage128 card has a better picture.

    The Rageon II is due for a release late summer/early fall. I'm thinking mid September.

    Blah, Blah Blahh, Blahh, blahh blah blahh, blah blah.
  19. Well I've run my MX, and Radeon side by side and don't see the difference, except the colors are more vivid on the MX due to digital vibrence control.

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  20. Thanks for the replies... I guess I'm closer to going with the Athlon, and the price is certainly better. Is Alienware or Falcon Northwest worth the extra dollars? Also, any opinion on Micron PCs?

    Again, I'm looking for a gaming rig to run flight simulation software, so performance is key. Oh, building one is probably not the best thing for me. While I have no problem with the computer on the 777, personal PCs can be more of a challenge.

  21. Some very bad things have been said about Alienware lately.

    <A HREF="" target="_new">Computer Shops Section</A>

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  22. lots of bad things about alienware on this forum
    only a couple of good posts for falcon n/w

    why not post a couple of 'deals' (intel and amd) from your local area, and see what peoples here think?
    we will recommend any changes to the config as your buget allows, i'm sure.

    however, we all start at the end and finish at the begining
  23. Well, its worth the wait for the Palomino desktops.
    But they wont have full SSE support, but will support only SSE and not SSE2 that is incorporated into P4 and P3 1GHz+ chips.

    I'say go for AMD, start with a reasonable setup of Tbird @ 850/1G or so on a good board like Iwill KK266 or Asus A7A266 or boards based on ALiMagik chipsets. You might go for KT133 or even better Asus A7M266 or the likes if you get DDR right now.

    You wont regret waiting for Palomino to get the $ down.

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