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ok So SSE, and Intel. Is that going to be a problem that I might run into when wanting to play games with a AMD 1.4 ? I don't want to buy a AMD and then hear that its not going to run the new games ? maybe I should go back to INTEL or wait a while longer... I was looking at ordering within the week.. But now maybe not. The benchmarks between the 1.7 intel and 1.4 AMD are very close on most things and INTEL has been the better in the past for games. (AMD had trouble with there k5 chip). I would hate to spend 2000 dollars and find out that It was a waste of money for something that would run games for 6 months and then be no good.
What do you think ?

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  1. Take a look at benchmarks comparing the Athlon to the Intel P3 and P4. The Athlon wins in almost every game (except with Quake 3 on the P4). Why? The Athlon has a superior FPU. SSE is a half-ass way of improving FPU performance and it doesn't do it well. SSE2 is a little better- but only with games that support it. 80% of your gaming performance will come out of your video card- not the processor (provided it's a Athlon or a P3/P4).

    Read Tom's article on the Athlon 1.4Ghz and look at benchmarks. It's about even.

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  2. Make him buy a t-bird and he will be a big fan of this forum.Reason probleme driver bios chipset driver and others.
  3. please explain a little more... I am going to get a manufacture to build my computer is sse really inportant ?
  4. <b>juin</b> (!!!) I doubt he'd know anything about AMD Athlon systems!

    :smile: Good or Bad have no meaning at all, depends on what your point of view is.
  5. If you use a reputable OEM to build your system, you should be OK. The driver and bios problems may show up when one tries to build a system by oneself.

    As for SSE, I don't know how many popular games are taking advantage of SSE. If you want to play it safe, you should consider Athlon-4, which has SSE support. You will be better off using the money you save from Athlon/DDR (vs P4/RDRAM) to get more RAM and a better graphics card, which may make much more differences in 3D performance.

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  6. provided you get a built system and they warraty it - no problems! :smile:

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  7. problem driver bios chipset and others.

    ohhh - the bogeyman is coming, if you buy AMD he'll wait in your cupboard until you sleep and then kill you in a fantastically painful and gory way.

    Get real. There are currently no outstanding issues with new AMD hardware. If you buy brand new technology (kt133a etc.) expect a few issues. Intel have had them too, but not as many.

    Right now I doubt there is anything that you can point to as an outstanding problem for building a new AMD platform is there?

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  8. ok, that sounds great I am excited about my new system and would love to have it sitting on my desk right now... when is the AMD 4 coming out .. ? I have been waiting for my computer for about 6 months should I wait longer ?
  9. Games rely on your videocard. You're freaking out because of marketing hype. It's like freaking out since the Athlon doesn't have "innovative features such as Hyper Pipelined Technology", but the P4 does. You're worrying about the wrong stuff. Look at benchmarks for the cpu, and buy a good video card if you are a gamer. The rate at which computers are advancing is dramatic so expect to upgrade sooner then you though anyways.

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  10. I don't have all the info, so correct me if I am wrong. I believe
    1. AthlonMP is Athlon-4. However, it is ONLY 1.2 GHz and the MoBo support is not quite there yet. See
    2. After the 1.4 GHz T-bird Athlon, the next release will be Athlon-4 for desktop. But I am not sure about the exact time frame. Maybe someone can help.

    If you don't want to wait, maybe you should consider just Athlon. If you get a T-bird + 512MB DDR + a great graphics card, I think you won't complain about the performance in any 3D game.

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  11. Just look the forum you will have your answser for AMD probleme more cause by via and others third party.Just look at the benchmark AMD/ATI intel/ATI.Strangely ATI seen to like intel much that AMD.Nvisia run well with AMD and intel.

    Advise make all the site make your own idea and know what is your need and your banking account.
  12. Just look the forum you will have your answser for AMD probleme more cause by via and others third party.Just look at the benchmark AMD/ATI intel/ATI.Strangely ATI seen to like intel much that AMD.Nvisia run well with AMD and intel.

    Advise make all the site make your own idea and know what is your need and your banking account.

    Look at the last benchmark and the older you will find something very strange over P4.
  13. I think you're wrong, but I may be too. The Athlon 4 is the Palamino which is now only available in Laptops and will be released in desktop later this year. AthlonMP is simply dual Tbird from what I've read.
  14. SSE helps yes, and if it's used properly it helps allot, however Athlons just have more horsepower in there FPU, making the difference small to nil. But remember the Athlon with it's extra brute force doesn't only work in SSE applications.

    Anyway it's mute, unless you use a benchmark your not going to see much of a difference between an Athlon and a P4. The Athlon is cheaper, get it, and use the extra cash to get a better video card. You will notice the difference between them.

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  15. Come to think of it you seem to be wondering if you need SSE in order to run some programs. You do not. You can still run the program without SSE.

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  16. Some games may take advantage of the SSE instruction set to perform additional lighting calculations which makes objects brighter and more colorful in the 3D world. The algorithm may not be implemented on non-SSE enabled processor. Case in point: "Earth 2150", and "The Moon Project".

    In the near future I plan to upgrade (a DIY project) to an Athlon MP to maintain backward compatibility with the games I like to play. If the P4 represents the future, I'll wait for the future to arrive. The Athlon MP with the new supporting chipset (non-VIA) sounds like fun!
  17. In all my years of building machines, I've had more problems with intel based chipsets than AMD. Now, since the P3- i've had no problems with intel based chipsets. The problem is the user- not the chipset. I own 3 Athlon based systems and 1 K6-2 based system- NEVER ONCE have I had a problem with the chipsets, BIOS's, or AGP drivers.

    These people have little or no experience with the proper installation of drivers. That's the problem. Don't blame it on the chips. I will admit that VIA has had many problems- but I've never owned a VIA based chipset. The same could be said for VIA Intel chipsets- they're all flaky. So don't turn this into a AMD vs Intel flame war because it has NOTHING to do with the CPU.

    -MP Jesse

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  18. I just built 2 AMD 1.2 GHz (A7A266) machines without problems. Well I misread the manual, but that doesn't count against the manufacturer. haha. The machines are stable. These are the first computers I have ever built. I would never buy a computer from a retailer. They overcharge and put in cheap components. Someone like <A HREF="" target="_new">Falcon Northwest</A> and <A HREF="" target="_new">Alienware</A> build good computers with good parts, but are very expensive. The major companies at times use proprietary parts and lower grade components that can make upgrading more of a chore if even possible. For example they often don't tell you what motherboard they are using. hmmm. I wonder why. The best bet is to learn how to build them yourself or buy from a serious vendor that understands the software you use and backs up what they do.
  19. I would'nt go back to Intel the way things are right now. Don't know about you, but I liked Intel, but they have show nothing but slow, controled chips Latley. If they ever get a proformance chip back out, I'll look at it, but will have to might convinced it's better than sliced bread.


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  20. If your doing mostly gaming, get the fastest Duron, 256MB of Ram, a good fast hardrive(dont bother with Raid 0, it doesn't help gaming) and the fastest video card you can buy. This will play any game at more than acceptable levels. Any performance over this machine is just bragging rights. Some people will swear up and down that they can tell the difference between 40fps and 80fps. It's crap, you can save your money if your primarily gaming. Unless you want to show your computer off to all of your friends get a Duron. You'll be laughing all the way to the bank.

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  21. the athlon only loses on the q3a tests and do you really need 200fps? the athlon is what my nex box is gonna be im still stuck with a p3 550 thought 320 megs of ram helps

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  22. Even tho Im not in the "Signature of the month" club I will give you the best advice. AVOID AMD. stick with Intel for highest compatability, stability, and performance. you cannot find those 3 words on the same page at Something AMD just does not have yet.

    You can build a nice P4 1.4Ghz with Geforce3 video card for around $1,000 now.

    You will not need to upgrade next week because that new program you want supports SSE2.
  23. it intel platform or amd platform.You cannot buy a amd with a intel chipset.Sis look to have made the best chipset right now.Performance/stability.

    Via suck big time.That you who tell it.
    Sis have stability probleme.

    More than that, the SiS reference is impressive due to its perfect system stability, something previously unheard of from this Taiwanese manufacturer

    From tomshardware.

    Can you buy a mobo who have the new chipset.NO!!!!
  24. Maybe just a P4 1.5 who seen to be the best right now.Performance/price.

    Anyway i wait for the northwood to change my comp.
  25. I was right about AthlonMP. Check out Tom's article on it. Tom clearly stated AthlonMP uses Palamino core with all the improvements except the power saving feature, which is present in the laptop version of A-4.

    **Spin all you want, but we the paying consumers will have the final word**
  26. For what you pay for 1.5 P4/i850 MoBo/128MB RDRAM, you can get 1.4 Athlon/DDR MoBo/256MB PC2400 CAS2 DDR with $$ to spare so you can get a better video card. Now for the same amount of money which combo will give you better 3D gaming? I'll have to say the Athlon combo with CAS2 DDR and better video card is a much better bargain.

    **Spin all you want, but we the paying consumers will have the final word**
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