New laptop: which configuration would I need?

First off, hi there, as I'm new to this community.
Someone referred to this place as the best spot to find some good advice concerning hardware, so here I go.

As I'm going to study IT + Graphic Design I'm ready to do a little investment, but I want to make sure what I'm going to buy will be worth it too. I'll simply start by listing a few things I've had in my mind / what it should be able to do etc. Also, my budget is about 2000£ - 2500£ at the moment.

- Laptop

- I've heard SSD drivers would be best for writing / reading speed
- It'll need to be able to support 4 OS's, preferrably an OS in an OS in an...
- I'm thinking of a i7 Quad Processor
- 1-2x 4GB RAM, depending on the price deviation
- Good Graph card preferrably able to support 3D rendering, though not lacking in normal performance
- The standard ports and memory card reader

- 1 TB Harddrive
- Extra monitor

I know this is a load of (unprecise) information, but it'd still be helpful if anyone could send me in the right direction here and there. I've already checked some custom shops but I'm trying to compare a bit and trying to find the best stuff for my cash.

Maybe worth noting: I'm from Belgium so the custom shop you might have had in mind should be able to deliver internationally. Again, thanks for giving this a read!
I hope I'll get some responses :)


P.S. I really hope I posted this in the correct category, had a tough time finding it ;).
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums :)
    Are you planing to play games as well ?
  2. Before you give us your specific requirements I'd like to point out that your budget (2000£ - 2500£) can buy virtually any laptop out there. So feel confident you'll get something really good that will last you quite a few years with that price tag.
  3. Thanks for the welcome ^^.
    I'll probably be gaming as well, and today I've decided I'm actually willing to give up on a graphic card that's fit for rendering as long as my gaming experiences won't be slowed down... may be sad, but true.

    Also, my budget has decreased to 1700£ (about 2000 euros) not including an extra harddrive or whatnot.

    Any good places to check for custom configurations by the way :)?
  4. ASUS G73SW is a good choice
  5. Check this out:
    Gaming Laptops section

    I agree with Maziar on the G73SW:

    It's got a nice big screen, a sandy bridge quad core i7 and a GTX460M which is a pretty powerful graphics card honestly. Also comes with 8GB of RAM which is just enough.

    I went with these customizations to fill up your budget a bit, tell me what you think:
    - 120GB Intel SSD for the first hard drive
    - 750GB 7200RPM for the second hard drive

    So you get an SSD to put your operating system, applications and games, it will run super fast, and you get a nice 750GB other hard drive to put your documents on it. Comes out at about £1450 - if you feel like you need to spend all your money you can either upgrade the CPU (it's sort of worth it) or upgrade your SSD (would be nice fitting a few more GB in it). You can also drop the optical drive if you don't need it and put another HDD in it (or just leave it empty for less weight).

    Tell us your precise needs and we will be able to come up with the best customization to your needs.
  6. A 15" Asus i7 quad core gaming laptop:
    ASUS G53JW-SZ098V £1,701 @ Amazon UK
    Core i7 740QM / 4GB RAM / 500GB HDD / 15.6" 1920x1080 LCD w/ GTX 460M graphics card

    Review: Asus G53JW-SZ098V
    Original German review: Im Test: Asus G53JW-SZ098V
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