which fan for 1ghz PIII?

I am a worrywart - ok. My 1.0ghz PIII runs around
48 C with my case open, and about 52 C with the cover
put on it. The PIII came (from COMPUTERGATE) with the
fan already attached, so I just installed it and ran.
Now I am thinking I should change out the fan for one
that will make it about 10 degrees cooler. The write-up
on this website about cpu fans dealt only with AMD, so I
am asking all you intel gurus - what is the best fan I
can get and change out without too much hassle? I am not
interested in water-cooled, and I do not intend to
overclock - I just want to lower the temperature for
peace of mind when I start doing heavy-duty video
crunching. If you can advise me, please point me to
a website where I can make the purchase. Also, will
I have trouble getting the current fan detached from
the cpu? I mean, do they sometimes use glue? I sure
hope not.
Littleberry davsf@neto.com
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  1. don't bother. 48-52 is fine and you cannot overclock it any further really anyway.

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  2. If you have a Socket 370 CPU:
    Intel does not attach their heatsink, any company that would do this I would consider suspicious. Remove it carefully and make sure you really do have a 1GHz processor. They could make a fake sticker, so check to see if the pins are modified also. They should all be there.
    The Thermaltake Volcano II is an excellent cooler for your CPU, it is quiet, oversized, inexpensive, and powerfull.
    As for SECC2 coolers, I don't know which one to suggest.

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  3. It is SECC2 (slot a). This one was one of the last
    clocked-x of the 100FSB models. It runs 10x and
    the BIOS reports 1000 mhz, as do other reporting
    tools. It really is a lot faster the my 550mhz
    (seems like twice as fast), so I believe it really
    is 1 ghz. But when I see it go above 50 C I just
    get worried. But Nimble Knucle says not to worry,
    and the BIOS does say "warning at 55 C", so I guess
    I'll wait to see if I ever get the warning. I usually
    restart whenever I shut down just so I can see what
    the temp is after a heavy duty video session - that
    kind of processing is cpu intensive, so I guess that
    is about as hot as it is going to get.
    I paid about $275 for it a couple of months ago
    and it would hurt real bad if I let it go bad due
    to overheating - especially if I could prevent it
    by putting in a better fan beforehand.
  4. You could always try a better fan. Coolerstar.com carries a wide variety at reasonable prices, especially their <A HREF="http://store.yahoo.com/coolingfan/evercool.html" target="_new">EVERCOOL UNITS</A>. The PIII Coppermine tends to become unstable at around 55C, so it would be good insurance.

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  5. If you do have a SECC2 (slot 1) cpu, then you definitely want the Alpha 3125S. I had one mounted to my PIII 733EB and never saw the average temp (as reported by MBM 5.06)rise above 35c!! These are probably the best SECC2 coolers available, but they aren't cheap and you do have to assemble them yourself.

    For specs, go here: http://www.micforg.co.jp/c_p3125e.html

    you can get these at:


    If you buy them at The Cooler Guy's, they cost $8 more, but they also give you the Fan Grills and a tube of Arctic Silver II (the best thermal paste available).

    Whereas The Heatsink Factory charges you $8.50 for the ASII,
    and $1.99 each for the grilles !!

    Good luck

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  6. Renegade,
    Which fan did you get (sunon or ys tech?).
    What is MBM 5.06? Has anyone ever used that
    Compunurse thermal sensor shown at coolerguys?
    I am leaning towards doing this, but I have to
    first train myself to be very very careful - this
    cpu is too expensive to allow for a silly finger
    mistake here.
  7. Littleberry,

    I got the YSTech fans. They're great, not too loud. Sunon fans are great also. My case is full of them.

    MBM 5.06 is Motherboard Monitor ver. 5.06. This is a(free) program you can download and install to monitor your temps, voltages, and other assorted parameters. I think they're up to ver. 5.08 now.

    Check it out here:http://mbm.livewiredev.com/

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  8. One option may be to think about case fan addition/replacement. This could blow cold air onto the CPU hsf.

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