Lost my iPad, any way to find it or nuke it?

So, I just got home to notice my iPad is not in my backpack. I need to DELETE EVERYTHING off of it, all my passwords and most specifically, the notes on there which contains all my passwords for every website and ebay and paypal accounts. now is there a backdoor way to locate it via the serial number? If not, can I nuke it? I never activated Mobile Me so I cant use that. Iam pretty sure I left it in my last class, and the teacher probably has it, but If its not there tomorrow, Iam screwed. I dont care about the iPad itself, but of the data on it. I already bought a second iPad, so I can use it if needed to somehow track the first one?

Any help would be appreciated! :sweat:

I'll post an update in about 12 hours after I see if my teacher has got it.
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  1. Only way is if you have enabled the "Find My iPhone" service.
    Did you set the password option on the iPad, and the erase after 10 failed attempts?
  2. You can only track / erase the iPad if you have MobileMe and enabled the option. If you haven't, it's not an option I'm afraid. It's good practice to have done as JustSomeJoe says and enable the screen lock and auto-erase after 10 attempts.

    I hope you find it mate...can't say I'd be as sanguine about losing my iPad, but the data on it is critical. Friendly word of advice...don't keep stuff like that on file, especially if the device is portable. You should leave some things just on the RAM inside your head. ;)
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