Logitech Z-5500 vs Klipsch Promedia 5.1???

Not sure if this is in the right forum.

I Just read the logitech Z-5500 review and it seems like that this one is a good one. Altho I currently have a klipsch promedia 5.1 (the first version without the decoder), and my main problem was in fact that there was no digital decoder built in.

Now I see the Z-5500 has one and from the review, it looks like a powerful system. How is it compared to the klipsch? Unfortunatly I am defenatly no good at comparing the numbers often given on spec sheets as I have absolutly no idea what they all mean nor at all the term used in sound stuff.

Usualy I want clear sounding satellites (duh! heh) but especially the subwofer needs to be able to output a nice continuous undistorted base. I watch movies, listen to music and play games with my system. I am not really in the boom boom boom kind of thing but often instrumental stuff or music with loud clear base.

When I hear music that has a base that makes the walls shake for a few seconds continuously without being compleatly distorted because im pushing it a lill too far is really enjoyable.

I know that my klipsch is good at that right now altho its been a few years now that I have them and xmas is comin so it might be the time for me to buy myself an early xmas gift ;-).

Are the logitech worth it? better than what I currently have?
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  1. If you need the digital decoder then go for the logitechs. Otherwise just keep your klipsch system. I also have the older promedia 5.1 system and I wouldn't give this thing up for anything short of a big home theater system. Digital would be nice sometimes but I have yet to need it and if you already have analog outputs for 5.1 you don't really need to worry about it. I admit I have not experienced a digital computer speaker system but I really don't see how it could be so much better it would warrent replacing an already good system.
    If you like your current system and it is serving you well just stick with it. If you want to improve you sound quality a whole bunch get a better sound card (if you don't already have a good one). I upgraded from the onboard realtek alc650 card on my mobo to an audigy2zs platinum and I was astounded by the difference. I never thought the onboard soundcards were THAT horrible. If you watch a lot of movies you MUST have a sound card that supports dolby digital ex and DTS es.

    And a little side note, the logitech speakers do not use wireclips for the sattelites. I don't know about you but that would not work at all for my setup :)

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  2. thx folken for replying.

    I asked a few ppl at work that are quite good at sound stuff and they say that the klipsch is defenatly better than the logitech z-5500.

    Looks like the next step for me would be, as you said, big n costy home theater stuff :).

    As for the sound card, yea i got a sb audigy2 platinum here. Ive never liked anything that is onboard so that saved me a few problems :).

    thx again, that pretty much confirms what ive been told so far!
  3. Yea dont trade up your klipsches for nuttin
    The logitechs bass is sooo weak compared to the logitechs it also doesnt have tweeters
    U know in our klipsch setup all the wires are hooked up to the sub and just a sigle wire goes to the pod
    In the logitechs everything absolutely everything is hooked up to the pod
    But you could have 3 audio sources hooked up to the logitechs
    Anyway keep ypur klipsches
    The klipsches are even better than the creative gigaworks 750 In my taste (bass and Highes) the creatives middles are bgetter though

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  4. Klipsch - better mids, highs
    Logitech - louder bass
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