My hp pavilion dv2610us will not power up at all. When I have it plugged to the power adapter, the light indicating that it is charging the battery comes on but when I push the power button nothing happens.

We have opened it up to check if maybe the connections on the button needed cleaning (and it did) then put it back together & still it does nothing when the power button is pushed.

It also has a quick touch strip across the top of the keyboard that used to power up the laptop when touched; it is not working either.

The last time that I actually got it to power up, I pusher the power button and nothing, then I tried it again, this time sliding my finger back & forth across the power button and it turned on. The next day I went to turn on the laptop again and it does nothing. . . (as I described above.)

Please, does anybody know what the problem could be, and/or how to fix this?

Thank you for your time & consideration,

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  1. Try removing the battery and keep it plugged in- then try to turn it on. If it turns on, there is an issue with the battery.
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