I want to see 1.4 P IV vs. 1.4 Athlon

I keep seeing Benchmarks with the 1.2-1.4 athlon compaired against the 1.5-1.7 P IV. What I want to see is 1.3 and 1.4 Athlon against 1.3 and 1.4 P IV with the lowest score being the Baseline. I just want to see Hardcore proof that Intel is lieing about there clock speed or if AMD is needing to rescale there Clock speed to match.

That is just my Two Cents.
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  1. even though i agree with you, and it would be nice. most pf the Intel fanatics would have a sh1t fit if it were based on clock for clock.

    that and the 1.3 P-IV's have been dropped because they couldn't compete at all with anything that AMD has.

    is this reality... i thought it would more realistic.
  2. Why? Everyone knows clock for clock the AMD wins, but it is not about clock for clock, it is about the best processor from each company and the $$ comparison.

    The 1.3/1.4 Athlon is roughly equivalent to the P4 1.7 right now, but as further software is optimised for the P4 this will swing somewhat. The Athlon4 starting up from 1.5 I think will help address some of that with full SSE support, but right now I think Northwood will edge Intel in front again for a short time on performance - if not $$.

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  3. I agree. Its just a Tug-O-War. AMD is currently winning. Next might be Northwood. Who knows. Fun to watch those prices falling. See how much AMD 1.4 cost? and it was just released.

    IMacs for the blind
  4. *nods* i just got my Athie 1200 C for the same price as a PIII-933. AND its multipliers are unlocked.
    just gotta love competition *big grin*

    This behavior must not continue! Feel the BURNING STARE of my HAMSTER... and change your ways!
  5. a P3 1.13 tualatin O'c to 1.4Ghz will most likely rip a gapping hole in the buttocks of a 1.4 athlon, Rawhead rex style.

    "AMD/VIA...you <i>still</i> are the weakest link, good bye!"
  6. Quote:
    most likely

    Back that up.

    <font color=red>Amd or Intel? Who cares?? Not me...</font color=red>
  7. Rawhead Rex was the saddest most pathetic movie monster(kinda funny too) that I've ever seen in my life...

    Was that imagery supposed to strike fear in the hearts of AMD users? If so I'm afraid I actually giggled..
  8. I don't seem to be able to find it on pricewatch at present - where can I buy one and build a system with it?

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  9. Sorry Peteb, but I'm pretty sure that's the P3 that got recalled. Someone should let Amdmeltdown know that they haven't "fixed" it yet.

    <font color=red>Amd or Intel? Who cares?? Not me...</font color=red>
  10. sorry maybe I should have included the [sarcasm]...[/sarcasm]

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  11. I think we both understood that sarcasm was intended.

    <font color=red>Amd or Intel? Who cares?? Not me...</font color=red>
  12. Someone should explain all of this to Amdmeltdown though....make sure to use small words.

    <font color=red>Amd or Intel? Who cares?? Not me...</font color=red>
  13. no small words, but Ace's Hardware has a lot to say on Tualatin...


    While the DDR brookdale was a pleasant surprise, Intel's Tualatin left a bad taste in my mouth. The 0.13-micron Pentium III, codenamed Tualatin-256, will arrive at 1.26 GHz in the third quarter of this year. Nothing new there.

    The bad news is that the Tualatin needs a new chipset and will not work with the current available PIII chipsets due to new signalling in the bus protocol. Tualatin also uses a special heat spreader, a metal plate (almost as big as Socket 370), which is in direct contact with the die. This is another indication that it is difficult to get more speed out of the aging P6 core, even with 0.13-micron Copper production.

    Two new chipsets will be available for Tualatin: the i815 EP stepping B and VIA's 694T. I do not understand why Intel does not let the Pentium III die peacefully. Why introduce a totally new platform which has no future at all? If the Tualatin would have worked with existing chipsets, at least it would have been a nice upgrade for a lot of customers. Instead, Tualatin will be probably used only by OEMs as sort of budget solution.

    So we have a chip that still won't be as fast as AMD, needs a new motherboard, is probably as hot or hotter than an AMD, and has not future. Seems like a fantastic strategy on Intel's part.

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  14. >Someone should explain all of this to Amdmeltdown though....make sure to use small words.

    <A HREF="http://www.tomshardware.com/cpu/01q2/010612/index.html" target="_new">lil'o tually beating up a 1.33 tburnt</A>

    "AMD/VIA...you <i>still</i> are the weakest link, good bye!"


    Work on your math skills, fool! The only benchmarks where the Tualatin 1.419 edged ahead are a couple of the synthetic benchmarks--and even then, it edged ahead only by sheer clock speed. Its lead--on the rare occasions when it had one--was roughly proportional to its clock speed advantage. In the real-world game benchmarks, your precious Tualatin got reamed by a somewhat lower clocked Athlon!

    Maybe you could bark louder if you just got that foot out of your mouth, eh? :tongue:


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  16. euh guys
    first of all that sandra soft doen't give any usseful results second the fsb of the PIII is overclocked and is normally 133MHz if you do that with an AMD athlon 1,4GHz to it would be fair and then the total fsb of the athlon would be 312MHz thats 60MHz higher and then the athlon would leave the PIII far behind.

    third the changes on the PIII will not help to defeat an athlon on fpu :), the only thing why it is done is to try to leave an athlon of 100MHz slower behind but you can see due the test that an serious overklockt system (fsb overclockt is bath so memory is overclocked to) it hardly can beat an 100MHz slower processor and now you guys say it kicks but ???????????
    excuse me but thats not really what it is isn't it
    athlon will still kicking as against an PIII tualatin
    but seriously an palonimo is faster then an tb. i don't see much feature for the tualatin if it hardly can defeat a processor with a 100MHz disadvantage with his improved core (256k). do you really think that the new PIII will kick ass.

    Hold in mined that the palonimo has SSE like the PIII so the PIII will have no advantages on that piece like it does now in these test against the athlon tb.

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