PIII vs. Xeon PIII

Anyone have a link for benchmarks between an Intel Pentium III and an Intel Pentium III Xeon? I need to determine if the Xeons are worth the extra $$. I've heard arguments on both sides, and benchmarks have the real answers!

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  1. Try this one to start:


    The reveiwer isn't the brightest but you can hit the "select" tab bottom right to go to your specific requirement.

    Your most reliable resource will be the software houses tests ie. www.discreet.com etc.

    Some really great benchmarks can be found in the 3D ring (and problem devices too). try 3Dark....digitalanimators...3Dlink...3DGate...Highend3D

    Depends on what your doing, generally speaking I'd say no.

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  2. In my opinion Xeon is mostly marketing. Unless you are using a huge database, ie. Oricle the extra cache is not used. Checkout the test forum on Highend

    The Xeons render at the same speed as the regular P3.
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