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I'm having some major problems with the CCC 13.1 drivers that amd recently released, and as such, have been forced to downgrade back to 12.8 (12.11 beta was even worse of a disaster than this). Whenever I play a game, or try to watch Youtube/Netflix, the display driver started an annoying habit of crashing every 15-45 seconds, freezing the computer for 10 seconds in the process. I have a MSI Twin Frozr 7950 @1100/1600, i5 2500k @4.5ghz, and an ASRock MoBo. Do you think this is a hardware issue with the new drivers not liking my system combo, or is it just a large driver bug?
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  1. Many people have been having problems with these driver with the 7950. On my 7770 I've been having some micro stuttering as well (although yours sounds much worse) if you don't want to deal with it just I back to 12.10 or 12.8
  2. Something odd I just noticed. I reinstalled 12.8 (used the installer to remove 13.1), but I still have this issue occasionally. I'm not sure if I just for some reason pushed my card to hard (I increased my OC slightly with a different program, but it ran fine with it for quite a bit), so I reduced it to see if that was it.
  3. Some of the files from each version may be crossed. When I'm updating its always worked fine to just install over the old driver. But, when downgrading you usually want to uninstall first, run a registry scan, reboot, install the old drivers and reboot again.
  4. Ok. I did the reboot, but no registry scan. I rebooted again, and that seemed to fix my issue (along with a weird framerate lag). I might reinstall 12,8 using you method if I have any more issues. Thanks for your help.
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