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Athlon 1 Ghz overheat

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June 12, 2001 5:48:30 AM

Help! My AMD Athlon 1Ghz cpu temperature keeps rising everytime I play video cd or video games. Strangely enough that whenever the cpu temp exceeds 40 deg C, the system made a hummy noise (oooHHH...)then freeze itself. My only option would then reset the system. I went out and bought a huge cpu fan made by Thermaltake DUO462-8 along w/ a 400 watts ps but that didn't help either. I am running out of ideas on how to cure this thermal problem, if anyone can advice me a solution I would greatly appreciate your expertise.
sys is AMD 1 ghz cpu w/ IWILL mb KK266-R.
VGA card Kyro 4500 64meg SDRam.
Sound Blaster Live
Regular usage temp=34 deg C
Play games/video temp rises above 40 deg C after 2 to 3 minutes, then freeze.

Thanks ahead.

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June 12, 2001 8:40:26 AM

What are your mobo temps while this is happening, and what is your room temp?

The noise is definitely the cpu fan is it? Could be many things the way you describe - HDD spinning up, CDROM spinning up etc.

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June 12, 2001 9:37:18 AM

if you have changed the psu and the cou fan, then these cant be the source of the noise, Id try this:
unplug all your drives except your hard drive, unplug all cards except the display card, reboot and see what happens, then add components 1 at once until you find the culprit.
BUT, before that, have you checked the bios? you may have some aggressive settings in there, im not familiar with the iwill board, but it will probly have a failsafe or default setting, also are you running at 7.5 x 133 or 10 x 100, if your running at 7.5 x 133, you may want to try 10 x 100. I wouldnt have thought the temp is the problem- 40c isnt that high

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June 12, 2001 1:25:18 PM

Does it simply freeze, or shut down?

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