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So my monitor won't show the display. I have two monitors running on my comp, and a couple days ago my secondary one just wouldn't load up any display at all. I've tried it on different ports on my video card, and on my brothers PC, and a different power cord but the problem persists.

To clarifiy, it's almost like the monitor doesn't have power running to it, except that the little LED on the power switch will light up, but there is no activity from the main display what so ever, no flickers or anything, just seems dead. I think it's http://www.lg.com/ca_en/commercial/desk-monitors/lg-E2211T, not sure as I posted this from work.

Any help on this would be great. If it is some sort of hardware faliure or something could you get into specifics cause I would be keen to try and fix it =p

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  1. The most common problem with LCDs is bad power boards, and the most common power board problem is bad electrolytic capacitors.
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