Event viewer of 17,264 warning and errors

how to fix this problem
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  1. bass2013 said:
    how to fix this problem

    The Event Viewer logs everything. An error in the log isn't necessarily a problem in itself; you can drive yourself nuts trying to track down every single entry, but it won't noticeably improve your computing experience unless you've noticed a real problem outside of the log.

    There are, in other words, a lot of practically harmless errors in your log. I heartily recommend you don't try to chase them all down unless you have a real and demonstrable problem that occurs at the same time as a given error or set of errors in your log.

    That said, the best way to fix the errors (if you're inclined to do so) is to google the error codes/messages. That's the best answer I can give you based on the information you've provided. If there's a particular error with which you'd like assistance, feel free to post the relevant info and we'll do what we can.
  2. bass2013 said:
    how to fix this problem

    don't view it.
  3. bass2013 said:
    how to fix this problem

    Right click -> Clear Log :)
  4. Event Viewer Logs every event that happens....I tend to look at it every month or so.

    Expand the Windows Logs section and you will see 5 logs. here's what I am showing:

    Application: 6k-ish events
    Security: 7k-ish events
    Setup: 220 Events
    System: 18k-ish events
    Forward: 0 Events

    You can clear this but before doing so, I'd copy ll the error and warning messages and try and track them down. Shouldn't be many.
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