Computer keeps freezing during install

I bought a Dell XPS m2010 laptop on ebay. I am trying to install windows 7 and it keeps freezing. I could really use some help.
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  1. At what point does it freeze?
  2. What kinda of hard drive does it have in it a ssd or just a hard drisk. If it still had a normal hard disk drive it could be messed up or have a bad sector in it seeing how you did by it off ebay. If thats so then go to and look up a replacement for it you can get a pretty good deal on newegg on a new hard drive.
  3. flaminggerbil said:
    At what point does it freeze?

    It freezes at the 'Starting Windows' screen. The curser shows up in the upper left corner and can't be moved at all. Nothing else happens.
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