More RAM or more video RAM?


I do video editing and post FX (mostly Final Cut and After Effects) with a little 3D animation (Cinema 4D). I do not play games, but often need to play full screen HD videos.

I'm trying to decide between the two new MacBook Pros. For $1799 you get 256MB video RAM, for $2199 you get 1GB video RAM. Is this worth the extra $400?

I think I read somewhere that more RAM on the video card is good for super high resolution displays (like 30" monitors), and not so important for non-realtime rendering processes (like final outputs from AE or FCP).

I'm leaning toward getting the cheaper model (with 256MB) and upgrading machine RAM to 8GB.

Any help / confirmation / recommendations appreciated. Thanks!

if 1 GB of video RAM is worth
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    If you don't game,then go with the cheaper one.$400 more isn't worth it at all if you aren't planing to game
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